Quietest Blenders – 5 Best Low Noise Reviews

Blenders have come a long way in recent years. Even the name is a bit of a misnomer seeing as they can grind, liquefy, purée, whip...you name it.

If you wanted to, you could use a blender to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including a tasty dessert in the evening, but do they have to be so loud?

Blenders can be so noisy that using them in the morning is simply out of the question, and conversation in their vicinity is impossible.

It doesn't have to be that way though. We’ve compiled the five best quiet blenders you can buy.

With one of these in your kitchen, you can blitz all day and night.

What are we waiting for? You could be making a delicious smoothie right now. Let’s jump straight into our reviews.


Blendtec Professional 800 - Blender with WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) for Smoothies & Frozen Drinks - Quietest Professional-Grade Power - 11-Speed Touch Slider - Easy to Clean - Black

The Blendtec Pro 800 is currently the quietest blender on the market, whirring away at the volume of a normal conversation.

That means you no longer have to scream your lungs out asking if your partner wants strawberries or bananas in their smoothie - hurray!

So, how does it achieve such serenity? Well, it contains top-of-the-range insulation under the hood, but the main event is the sound dampening enclosure that fits over the top.

Despite this whisper-quiet performance, it’s also incredibly powerful. Packing an 1800-watt motor, there’s nothing this muted monster can’t do, evidenced by the sheer number of presets.

There’s a pre-programmed smoothie function, a shake maker, soup maker, ice cream maker, ice crusher, mixer, juicer, and self-cleaning protocol.

If that’s somehow not enough for you, what about 11 speed settings? Still not satisfied? What about a digital touch slider for fine-tuning those speeds?

To cap things off, it comes with a 10-year warranty. If that doesn’t inspire a confident purchase, we don’t know what will.


  • Sound Enclosure - This cover blocks a ton of irritating noise.
  • Controls - 11 speeds, 6 presets, one-touch timer, touch slider...what more could you want?
  • Blade Design - 80% thicker and 10% stronger than competition.
  • Motor Power - 1800 watts is more powerful than most lawnmowers.
  • Warranty - 10 years, baby!


  • Price - It doesn't come cheap.


Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender 48 oz, Black

What’s in a name? Well, in this case, everything. This is one of the quietest blenders we've reviewed.

The Quiet One is a miracle of sound reduction technology achieved via innovative sound dampening components and a sound-reducing bell cover.

Much like the Blendtec Pro 800, it has an 1800-watt motor, so no matter how challenging your chosen ingredients are, it can handle them.

Hell, this thing could blend a leather boot. It would go down smooth too.

Arriving with 6 program buttons, 34 pre-programmed modes for specialized drinks right through to hearty soups, and a whopping 93 variable speeds, it doesn’t disappoint in terms of functionality either.

There’s a reason the Quiet One has been made the official blender of Starbucks.

Initially developed as a drinks specialist, if you’re a cocktail connoisseur, cuckoo for coffee, or can’t survive without shakes, the Quiet One will definitely float your boat.

The fact it can make nut butter, gravies, soups, and spreads is just an awesome and rather expansive bonus.


  • Powerful Motor - 1800 watts will liquefy anything.
  • Controls - Tons of articulation at your fingertips.
  • Quiet Running  - Exquisite sound and vibration dampening.
  • Drinks Specialist - Makes stuff we’ve never even heard of.
  • Starbucks - You’ll see this behind the counter at your local Starbucks.


  • Price - Even more expensive than the Blendtec Pro 800.
  • 48 oz - Pretty small container.


Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-Speed Blender, 950 Watts, Ice Crush and Clean Programs, 52oz Glass + Portable Jars, Blends Food, Shakes and Smoothies (53602)

Those of you who were primed and ready to buy one of our amazing top two blenders until you caught a glimpse of the price tag...this one’s for you.

The SoundShield is by far the best budget quiet blender you can buy at the minute, and as you’ve probably surmised from the name, it has a freakin’ integrated 2-piece sound shield.

Once you’ve loaded up the container with all your favorite blendables (that’s a word now. We just invented it), the shield pulls down like a welding mask and keeps the usual racket to an absolute minimum.

Not content with a simple sound cover, Hamilton Beach has also augmented the internal architecture with intelligent sound-reducing appointments.

Take the muffler chambers surrounding the motor, for instance. They reduce its 950-watt growl down to a gentle purr.

Capable of liquifying tough ingredients such as ice and frozen fruit, it should have no problem keeping up with an adventurous eater/drinker. It even handles protein powders incredibly well.

While it’s nowhere near as feature-rich as our premium picks, the 5 speed settings and 3 pre-programmed functions are more than enough to keep even the most consummate blender-heads happy.


  • 950-Watt Motor - Powerful enough to obliterate ice.
  • Quiet Performance - Muffler chambers and sound shield keep noise to a minimum.
  • Price - You won’t believe it!


  • Functions - 3 presets and 5 speeds is okay, but it pales in comparison to our top picks.


WantJoin Professional Commercial Blender With Shield Quiet Sound Enclosure 2200W Industries Strong and Quiet Professional-Grade Power, Self-Cleaning, Black

This WantJoin creation is something of an anomaly and not just because of the very reasonable price tag for a commercial-grade blender, but because of its raw power.

This blending beast sits on top of a 2200-watt motor — that’s right; you read that correctly.

Sounds like it’s going to be pretty loud, right? Wrong! Featuring four levels of sound dampening appointments, it actually keeps things pretty hush-hush. It's got loads of power but is still a very quiet blender.

The first layer of defense is a shockproof pad beneath the container. Next, we have a buffer platform and extra-wide stabilizing base.

The icing on the cake is the sound shield which is almost identical in design to the Hamilton Beach blender in our third spot.

Giving you the choice of 15 speeds as well as a pulse function, it brings plenty of flexibility to the table, but one definite downside to this design is the lack of presets.

It’s not a huge deal, but we’d appreciate at least a couple. What we feel is a huge deal, however, is that it doesn’t come with a warranty. Besides that, this is a whole lot of blender for the cash.


  • Motor Power - 2200 watts is an insane amount of power for a blender.
  • Quiet Function - Four layers of sound dampening keep running volumes at a minimum.
  • Speed Settings - 15 speeds give you plenty of flexibility for blending a host of different ingredients.
  • Price - Not bad for a 2200-watt blender.


  • No Warranty - If it breaks, you’re on your own.
  • No Presets - All you get is a pulse function.


Philips Kitchen Appliances Philips High Speed Power Blender with ProBlend Extreme Technology -HR3868/90

While Philips hasn’t put quite as much emphasis on a quiet performance with the ProBlend model, it still comes with a sound dampening cover, which does a fantastic job of softening this thing’s sonic edges.

It has a 2.5hp motor which equates to roughly 1800 watts, meaning it’s more than tough enough to liquidize hard root vegetables like carrots, yams, rutabagas, and parsnips.

You also get the choice of five presets including frozen dessert, smoothie, soup, nuts, and ice crushing, each represented by a charmingly illustrated program button.

The speed control is totally manual, offering tons of flexibility, and besides the motor, it’s completely dishwasher safe. What’s more, the blades are amazingly robust and well-designed, delivering silky smooth results every single time.


  • Motor Power - 1800 watts will pulverize any ingredient.
  • Blade Design - Smooth, smooth, smooth.
  • Low Volume - Runs roughly 50% quieter than standard blenders.


  • Price - It’s not exactly a budget option.

Quietest Blenders Buying Guide

As blenders have become all-singing-all-dancing, multi-use kitchen companions, it can be incredibly difficult to choose which is right for you. Not to worry though, folks.

Let’s discuss what makes a good blender quiet and what makes a quiet blender good.

Running Volume

If you're looking for the quietest blender then the running volume is the most important consideration.

The problem we encounter here is that the best blenders have powerful motors, yet the more powerful a motor is, the louder it runs.

It’s a thinker to be sure, but there is a way around it.

The answer to our quiet prayers is insulation. Usually made up of rubber, insulating components are fitted within the housing of the blender, soaking up as much noise as possible.

If a manufacturer is really serious about silence, they’ll include a bell cover that sits on top of the whole blender.

You should also pay close attention to the base of a blender.

Rubber fixtures of some kind will prevent vibrations from reaching the kitchen counter, reducing even more noise.

Unfortunately, running volumes are rarely listed by the manufacturers, so if you don’t get an opportunity to try before you buy, you’re sort of going in blind...or deaf even.

The best course of action is to do some online research, read up on customer reviews, and keep an eye out for advertised sound-dampening qualities. Your blender will always be louder than a quiet mini fridge but there are low noise options if you do a little research.

Motor Power

Measured in watts, the motor power of your blender determines what it will be capable of.

If you only want a blender to, well...blend, you can skimp slightly on the motor, and choose an all-round quieter machine.

On the other hand, if you want your blender to be capable of processing tough ingredients on a molecular level, it needs to have an incredibly powerful motor.

For basic blending, we’d recommend a 300 - 600-watt motor.

For advanced settings and smoother results, go with something between 600 - 800 watts. If you’re looking for ultimate power, choose a blender with a 1000-watt + motor.

Blade Design

The next most important aspect of a blender’s performance is the quality of the blades.

A good blender blade doesn’t just have a razor-sharp edge, it’s shaped to perfection, crafted with robust materials, and has great edge retention.

The edge is important for slicing up ingredients into the smallest particles possible, while the shaping of the blades ensures no ingredients can escape and hide at the base of the unit.

As they’re going to come up against solids like ice, nuts, and seeds, durability is essential.

Always stick to stainless steel when it comes to blender blades, but if you can find it, hardened stainless steel is even better.

As these blades are often proprietary designs, it’s important you choose a brand that stocks replacement blades. Aftermarket designs are rarely up to scratch.


Most blenders come with two speeds and perhaps a pulse option, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

More advanced models will have a whole series of modes and perhaps even adjustable timers.


Blenders come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t forget to consider your desired portions, and where you’ll be storing it when not in use.

Included Accessories

Most blenders come with a few little extras to sweeten the deal.

They can usually be bought separately from the manufacturer’s website, but it’s still great to shop around for one that comes with all the trimmings.

Dishwasher Compatibility

We don’t know about you, but for us, an easy clean is a must, so we highly recommend choosing a blender with only dishwasher-safe components.


As is the case with all electrical appliances, things can and do go wrong, which is why it makes sense to buy a blender that comes with an extended warranty. 

A decent warranty doesn’t just offer peace of mind, it’s a declaration of confidence in the product from the manufacturer.

Putting their money where their mouth is shows they’re proud of their work and that it’s a quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ve got some serious blitzing to do, but before we part ways, let’s clear up any residual quiet blender-based queries by answering some FAQs.

Are All Blenders Noisy?

There is no such thing as a silent blender.

The sound and vibrations of the motor as well the blades pulverizing ingredients could never be completely contained in such a small unit, but some are definitely much quieter than others.

It might cost you a little extra, but if you’re on the hunt for a quiet blender, prioritize insulation, and if possible, choose one with a cover or sound shield.

How Do I Reduce Noise in a Blender?

If the price of crushing ice is a crushing headache, it’s simply not worth it, but there are a few tricks you can use to make your blender quieter without forking out for a new one.

  1. Placing a padded silicone mat beneath your blender as you whiz up some tasty ingredients can cut a large majority of the vibrations from reverberating through your kitchen counter.
  2. Blending as close to the edge of the counter as possible can prevent the noise from bouncing off the wall directly back into your ears.
  3. Using a blender cover is a great way of killing off a few troublesome sound waves.

What Blenders Does Starbucks Use?

In the past, Starbucks used Blendtec blenders exclusively, but recently, they scored a custom Vitamix design tailored to the rigors of commercial blending.

Remember The Quiet One from our number two spot? That’s the one.

How Noisy is the Nutribullet?

As there are a number of Nutribullet models currently available, running volumes can vary, but it’s not unheard of for them to reach 100dBA, so they’re not the quietest blenders out there.

How Noisy Are Ninja Blenders?

Generally speaking, Ninja Blenders are slightly quieter than Nutribullets, but they’re by no means quiet machines. You can still expect them to reach just under 90dBA.

Are Vitamixes Loud?

Vitamix currently makes some of the quietest blenders on the market, but that’s not to say all of their blenders are made to the same hushed standards.

Final Thoughts

That’s all from us, folks. Did any of these super quiet blenders catch your eye? The running volume of blenders was their one weakness, and with that issue resolved, we’re free to truly enjoy the blending process.

Blend your breakfast, blend your lunch, blend your supper, blend it all...no one’s going to complain anymore. Grab one of the quiet blenders we reviewed above and your ears will thank you.