Best Soundproof Wallpaper – Does It Even Work?

If you’ve ever looked into the possibility of soundproofing either one or all of the rooms in your home, you probably already know that it can be a costly process. 

Professional-grade soundproofing materials and installation for a single room typically cost about $1,700 on average, with an upper limit of $4,000, depending on the size of the room and the quality of the materials used. 

The cost of traditional soundproofing regularly puts many homeowners in the position of having to choose between crisp interior acoustics and saving their hard-earned money. 

However, if the main problem with sound in your home is acoustic quality as opposed to substantial noise disturbances, the good news is that you might not need to blow your budget on expensive soundproofing! 

Soundproof wallpaper is primarily designed to improve the acoustics of a room.

Some products are also reinforced with insulator materials so as to dampen mild noise from inside and outside. 

The great thing about soundproof wallpaper is that it’s much cheaper to buy and usually doesn’t require professional installation, so it’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional room soundproofing

We have collated a list of the best 5 soundproof wallpapers on the market, all designed to improve your acoustics and dampen noise.


Arthome Brick 3D Wall Panels Peel and Stick Wallpaper,Self Adhesive Waterproof Foam Faux Brick for Living Room,Bedroom,Laundry,Kitchen,Fireplace,TV Wall Decoration (White 10 Pack,58 Sq. feet)

Our best overall pick in the category of soundproof wallpaper is the Arthome White Brick 3D Wallpaper.

This wallpaper comes in the form of self-adhesive panels that mimic the appearance of seamless wallpaper when pasted onto walls. This makes for a much easier application than either traditional sheet-style wallpaper or professional soundproofing materials.

Arthome’s White Brick 3D Wallpaper provides an aesthetic fusion of the rustic and the modern. The design is understated but still draws the eye enough to make a room more visually interesting.

Because this wallpaper is made from polyethylene foam, you can count on it to deliver on several fronts related to home comfort. Of course, the foam serves as a sound-dampener and acoustic corrector.

However, it also provides waterproofing to minimize issues with dampness and mold. Finally, the panels also work as an anti-collision layer, so if you have children, this could be a safety-enhancing option for you.

This wallpaper is completely safe for use in your home and the environment. The foam is free from any heavy metals, including lead, mercury, and cadmium, so you won’t have to worry about any adverse health effects as a result of the installation.

The Arthome wallpaper panels are available for purchase in packs of 10, which can be applied together for a total coverage of 56 square feet.

One thing we should mention, though, is that despite these wallpaper panels being very easy to apply, they can be trickier to remove.

Peeling off the panels may remove existing paintwork, so we wouldn’t recommend these as a temporary solution to poor acoustics. 


  • Polyethylene foam - Sound-dampening, waterproof, and soft 
  • Peel and stick application - Easy to apply 
  • White brick design - Aesthetically appealing 
  • Free from heavy metals - Safe and eco-friendly 
  • 10-pack - 56 square feet of coverage 


  • May damage paintwork on removal - Not for short-term use


BUBOS Art Acoustic Panels Soundproof Wall Panels,36X24Inches Sound Absorbing Panels,Decorative Acoustical Wall Panels, Acoustic Treatment for Recording Studio,Infinite Loop

In the runner-up spot, we have the BUBOS Decorative Acoustic Panels.

These panels work in the same way as our previous product, as they are individual panels designed to be applied in close proximity for a wallpaper effect.

The BUBOS panels are made from 100% polyester for dermatological and respiratory safety. You don’t need to be concerned about any potentially harmful materials, including heavy metals, with this wallpaper.

Meanwhile, the foam used to pad out the wallpaper is high-density, meaning that it acts as a very effective noise insulator.

You can purchase the BUBOS wallpaper panels in a variety of different colors and patterns, ranging from wood designs to colorful, geometric prints.

Some other noteworthy features of the BUBOS Decorative Acoustic Panels are its flame-retardant properties and lack of odor.

The panels will help to minimize damage in the event of a fire and also won’t fill your house with noxious chemical odors, both of which are huge bonuses.

It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the BUBOS wallpaper panels don’t come with any adhesive included.

While the methods of application are quite flexible (you can either use double-sided tape or a glass glue formula), you will need to make a separate purchase in order to install the panels if you don’t have either of these adhesives available. 


  • 100% polyester - Safe for skin and lungs 
  • High-density foam - Effective sound insulation
  • Various colors and patterns - Wide aesthetic compatibility
  • Flame-retardant - Fire-safe 
  • Odorless - No chemical smells 


  • No adhesive included - Separate purchase required for application


WADILE 3D Brick Peel and Stick Wallpaper 20 Pcs, 3D Brick Wall Panels Self Adhesive, Waterproof PE Foam Paintable,for Bedroom/Living Room/Kitchen/TV Wall and Home Decoration

The vast majority of soundproof wallpaper products are significantly cheaper than traditional soundproofing materials.

However, if you want to lower your budget as far as possible while still reaping the benefits of high-quality wallpaper, we’d recommend the WADILE 3D Wallpaper.

The 8mm thick polyethylene foam panels that make up this wallpaper are dense and soft at the same time, providing a defense against noise while correcting acoustics and making your home generally safer, especially if you have children.

Featuring a detailed brick design that you can purchase in a range of colors to suit all rooms and color schemes, this wallpaper will enhance the appearance of your home while making it a more pleasant environment to live in.

The pack you will receive after purchase consists of 20 individual tiles, each measuring 1.1 square feet. In total, therefore, a pack will allow you to cover 22 square feet of wall.

This isn’t a very large area, but given the reasonable price of the wallpaper per pack, the cost of buying several packs evens out.

These panels are easy to apply, thanks to their peel and stick design. All you have to do is peel away the backing, and the adhesive sticker will glue the panel to your wall in seconds.

Please do bear in mind that these are not fire-retardant wallpaper panels, and they are not suitable for use in high-temperature areas such as commercial kitchens. 

They're a great budget option if you want to soundproof an existing drywall too.


  • 8mm polyethylene foam - Protection against noise and collisions
  • Peel and stick - Easy adhesion 
  • Convincing brick design - Visually pleasing
  • Multiple colors available - Fits with various color schemes
  • 20-pack - 22 square foot coverage 


  • Not compatible with high temperatures - Only for use in cool environments


White 3D Brick Wallpaper 20 pcs Faux Brick Textured Effect Background Stickers for Wall Decoration Total 80 Square Feet Coverage

If you’re looking to save money on your soundproofing project but still want the very best quality, why not check out the DeELF 3D Brick Wallpaper.

These wallpaper panels might cost a little more than average, but considering the square-foot coverage and quality sound insulation that they provide, we think that they’re absolutely worth it.

The 20-pack that the panels come in provides enough coverage to soundproof 80 square feet of wall area.

Although the DeELF Brick Wallpaper is not specifically designed to function as a sound-dampener or acoustic corrector, the 6.35 mm thickness of the panels means that they are effective at correcting minor sound issues.

The polyethylene foam material is safe and non-toxic, providing effective acoustic correction, while the white brick texture delivers seamless, aesthetically pleasing decoration for your home.

Thanks to the peel and stick functionality of these wallpaper panels, you’ll be able to install them in no time with no need for extra purchases.

However, with that being said, you may need to trim down some of the panels with scissors before applying them since there have been reports of customers receiving inconsistently cut panels. 


  • Polyethylene foam - Non-toxic, effective insulator
  • Brick texture - Realistic design
  • 6.35 mm thickness - Cancels out minor noises 
  • Peel and stick - Simple application
  • 20-pack - Covers 80 square feet 


  • Some sizing inconsistencies - Some tiles may need trimming


Cosaving 3D Wall Panels PE Wall Stickers Self-Adhesive, 27.5x27.5 inches, 5 Pack Grey Wood

We also have a highly commended pick to share with you, which is the Cosaving 3D Wall Panel set.

If you’ve been looking to add a natural, rustic feel to your home while benefitting from sound soundproofing properties, these wood-textured polyethylene panels will be perfect for you.

The polyethylene foam used in the construction of these wallpaper panels provides acoustic readjustment and relief from the background noise of daily life. They are also thick and padded enough to provide effective protection against injury in the event of a collision.

Since the panels work on a peel and stick basis, they’re easy to apply, and you don’t need to buy anything else to start installing them.

Something else to mention about the Cosaving 3D wallpaper is the fact that it’s waterproof, which is a blessing when it comes to cleaning. If any stains find their way onto your wallpaper, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth!

The one downside to this wallpaper is that each pack only comes with 5 panels.

This only allows for 5.3 square feet of coverage per pack, which isn’t the most cost-effective deal we’ve seen. Regardless, if you don’t have much area to cover, these panels are an effective and aesthetically pleasing choice. 


  • Polyethylene foam - Acoustic and anti-collision benefits
  • Peel and stick - Effortless application
  • Wood texture - Natural aesthetic
  • Waterproof - Easy to clean


  • Only 5 pieces per pack - Not the best value for money

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Soundproof Wallpaper 

If you’re not familiar with soundproof wallpaper, choosing the right product to enhance and improve your living space might feel daunting. Don’t panic, though - we’ve gone ahead and curated a buyer’s guide, especially for your convenience. 

Keep reading to find out what you should be looking for when it comes to choosing the best soundproof wallpaper. 


The material you should prioritize if you want soundproof wallpaper that is actually effective is polyethylene foam. 

Polyethylene foam has many benefits that make it the perfect material for padding out soundproof wallpaper. 

First and most importantly, polyethylene foam is safe on a dermatological and respiratory level.

This is something that first-time wallpaper buyers don’t always think to verify because the idea that wallpaper for home environments would contain toxic substances seems inconceivable, but it does happen, especially with less reputable manufacturers. 

With polyethylene, you can trust that your wallpaper will be odorless and free from any toxic chemicals, including chlorofluorocarbons, which have been linked to ozone damage. 

The one exception to the chemical safety of polyethylene is if the material is burned in any way, either through excess heat or direct exposure to flames.

For this reason, it is crucial to check whether a polyethylene foam wallpaper is heat-resistant or flame-retardant prior to purchase, especially if you’re planning on installing the wallpaper in a room such as the kitchen. 

Another ideal factor of polyethylene foam is the fact that it is an insulating material. In addition to being an effective heat insulator, it can keep out minor levels of noise and correct the acoustics inside your home. 

Polyethylene foam also functions as a protector against collision injuries. If you have kids at home, you know that it only takes a split second for an accident to happen.

With padded wallpaper like those made from polyethylene, you can minimize the risk of injury in your home and help to keep your family safe. 

It is important to note what while polyethylene is almost 100% waterproof, it is not a completely watertight surface on its own.

If you want your wallpaper to be easy to clean in the event of a stain or mark, you should check whether the product information specifies total waterproofing. 

When choosing a polyethylene soundproof wallpaper, it’s a good idea to make sure that it’s as thick as possible. Between 6 and 8 mm is ideal. The thicker the layer of foam, the more insulation it will provide. 

There have also been some interesting developments in using other materials for sound absorption.


Of course, whenever you’re introducing a new piece of decor into your home, you want to make sure that it’s compatible with the themes and schemes you already have going on. 

Many soundproof wallpaper manufacturers create textures such as brick and wood to provide a 3-dimensional surface to cover the foam insulation. Since wood and brick features are a popular choice for home improvement, this is an ideal style choice. 

Remember to check out all of the color and pattern options that a wallpaper product comes in before you add it to your cart. 


Most of the wallpaper panels featured in our selection are peel and stick, which means that they can be applied to flat surfaces by peeling off the backing tape and pressing the adhesive directly onto the surface.

This is by far the best type of adhesion if you want a quick and easy application process. If you buy from a reputable manufacturer with high customer satisfaction ratings, you can be sure that the adhesive will be long-lasting and effective. 

Always check whether adhesive is included with the wallpaper before buying. In some cases, manufacturers will provide directions as to which adhesives should be used but will not include them.

Often, this can be something as simple as masking tape, but glass glue is another recommendation. 

Quantities and Coverage

Ideally, you should take measurements of the wall(s) you want to paper before you start your research into specific products. This is because you will need to know exactly how large an area you will be covering in order to buy wallpaper in the correct quantities. 

Because all of our chosen wallpaper products come in the form of individual panels, which you can then arrange yourself, the first thing you will need to check is how many panels are included per purchase. 

The sets of panels we’ve reviewed today come in packs ranging from 5 pieces to 20 pieces, so you have plenty of flexibility in this regard. 

In terms of size, manufacturers will always provide panel measurements, either expressed in inches or millimeters. This can either be a square foot measurement per panel or length and width measurements (or both).

In many cases, to make your life easier, manufacturers will also provide the total square foot coverage per pack of wallpaper panels. 

Either way, with this information, you can work out the total square foot coverage of the wallpaper you will be purchasing.

Most soundproof wallpaper panels are square-shaped, although other shapes are available on the market. 

This means that if you have the measurement of one side of one panel, you can work out the square footage of the panel by multiplying that figure by itself in the appropriate unit of measurement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does soundproof wallpaper actually work?

Yes, soundproof wallpaper does work, but the problem is that its name is misleading. It's the same answer we'd give if you ask: Does soundproof paint work? It depends on what you're expecting.  

Soundproof wallpaper is also called acoustic wallpaper, and the latter term is definitely more accurate.

The reason this type of wallpaper is more commonly referred to as ‘soundproof’ wallpaper rather than ‘acoustic’ is that the former is more commonly used in general. 

Soundproof wallpaper isn’t actually designed to keep out significant noise levels in the same way as professionally installed soundproof paneling. If you play the drums in your apartment don't expect this to stop your neighbors from hearing you.

The layers of insulating material in soundproof wallpaper are usually thinner, which means that they do not block out sound in the same way. 

While acoustic or soundproof wallpaper can keep out minor noises to an extent, its main goal is to improve the acoustic quality of a room.

It absorbs some sound waves to minimize echoing and other sound issues, but it doesn’t completely block sound. Much the same effect as soundproof curtains will give you.

If you’re looking for something that will help to reduce echo in a room and absorb low-level noise, then yes, it will work for that purpose.

Soundproof wallpaper will not work in terms of completely blocking out sound, however, so if this is what you are looking for, your best bet will probably be a professional soundproofing company.

Does soundproof wallpaper cost more than regular wallpaper?

Normally, soundproof wallpaper will be more expensive than standard wallpaper. This is for a number of reasons, including the fact that more material is generally involved in the production of soundproof wallpaper.

There is also the fact that soundproof wallpaper serves a special purpose outside of the decorative.

With that being said, you have a good amount of flexibility in terms of price. There are soundproof wallpaper products on the market for budget prices and others with premium price tags. 

Just because soundproof wallpaper almost invariably costs more than standard wallpaper doesn’t mean you have to spend an extortionate amount of money. 

Is soundproof wallpaper worth the money?

Whether or not soundproof wallpaper will be worth the money for you depends on a few factors. 

First of all, consider your reason for buying the wallpaper. As we stated above, soundproof wallpaper is actually designed for acoustic correction and minor sound absorption, so if this is what you need, the wallpaper is more than likely to be worth the money. 

The best way to ensure that your wallpaper is worth the cost is to buy from a reputable manufacturer with positive customer reviews.