Quietest Electric Kettle – Boil Water Quietly

Have you ever tried to have a conversation next to a loud kettle? Not so easy right? An electric kettle is super convenient to boil water but they can be extremely loud.

Is there anything you can do to make an electric kettle quieter? Do quiet electric kettles exist?

The answer to both questions is, yes. In this article we’ll be reviewing 5 of the quietest electric kettles. We’ll also be discussing how you can make an electric kettle quieter. 

quietest electric kettle

Our Top 5 Best Quietest Electric Kettle Reviews 


dhdh Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, 1.7 Liters, Cordless with 1500W 5 min Quiet Boil, Overheat Protection, Auto Shut-Off, Dark Blue

The dhdh electric kettle with a 1.7 liter capacity, is perfect for a family and basically anyone who wants a safe, quiet kettle. It’s been designed with double wall insulation to keep the water inside warm once it’s been boiled.

Having a kettle with double wall insulation is a bonus because it means that you can have an additional hot drink even if the kettle has been standing for a few minutes after boiling. This really saves you electricity in the long run. 

The dhdh electric kettles double wall insulation also contributes to its quiet operation. But, even without the insulation, the kettle would still operate quietly because of how it’s been designed.

5 minute rapid boiling ensures that your kettle heats up quickly, so you don’t have to hear it boiling for more than a few minutes. 

Another feature the electric kettle offers is the manual dial to control the boil. You get to decide how hot the water gets, and this also gives you some control over how noisy the kettle is.

A lower temperature boil will mean that the water heats up very quickly, so the kettle won’t be on for long. 

People often struggle to clean an electric kettle. This is because some kettle lids don’t open wide enough for you to be able to clean effectively.

But this quiet electric kettle has been designed with a large opening specifically so that you can clean it easily and quickly. 

The only downside to this electric kettle is that it is made out of stainless steel, so there is a possibility that there will be a slight metal taste in the water after you’ve boiled the kettle. 

It works really quietly though and would be a great addition in your kitchen to put next to your quiet coffee maker with grinder.


  • 5 minute rapid boiling 
  • Quiet operation
  • Perfect for a family 
  • Designed with double wall insulation 
  • Manual dial to control temperature 
  • Cordless


  • Stainless steel design may cause slight metal taste in the water


Secura Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Kettle Water Heater for Tea Coffee w/Auto Shut-Off and Boil-Dry Protection, 1.0L (White)

This particular kettle offers you safe drinking water. Why can we say that? Water level windows made from plastic can cause harmful chemicals to enter into the water when you boil it.

With this in mind, the manufacturers chose to design the kettle without a water level window. The water level can still be seen though and is situated in the inside of the kettle. 

This kettle has a reputation for being quiet and its double wall insulation also contributes to its quiet operation. If you're trying to make your kitchen quieter then this is a great option.

Since the Secura electric kettle has only a 1 liter capacity, it will be much more suitable for a small household. The kettle has also been designed with an auto shut off and boil-dry function. The kettle is cordless, so that you can easily move it around wherever you need to. 


  • Auto shut off and boil dry function 
  • Cordless 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Designed to give you safe drinking water 
  • Designed with double wall insulation 


  • Small 1L capacity 


1.7L Temperature Control Electric Kettle, Bonsenkitchen Glass Tea Pot with Keep Warm Function, Auto Off & Boil Dry Protection, Fast Boling Water Heater with Color Changing LED Indicator for Tea

If you want a really quiet electric kettle then the Bonsenkitchen cordless electric kettle is a great option. This is largely because of the materials it’s made from.

The manufacturers used borosilicate glass to design the body of the kettle, making it much safer to boil water in, because it’s not as exposed to stainless steel and plastic. However, because the inner pot is made out of stainless steel, there is potential for you to taste metal in the water. 

You can choose from 5 different temperature settings and once the water is boiled, you can make use of the “keep warm” function.

Using the “keep warm” function will allow you to keep the water at the desired temperature for minutes.

Being able to choose from 5 different temperature settings allows you to control for how long the kettle stays on (and how much noise it makes), since it takes longer to boil the water at higher temperatures. Besides this, the kettle has been designed to perform quietly. 

A wide mouth makes cleaning and filling the kettle really easy. The kettle is cordless for ease of use. It also has the shut off and boil-dry feature. This is one of the best quiet kettle models we've seen.


  • Auto shut off and boil dry feature 
  • 5 different temperature settings 
  • Wide mouth for easy cleaning and filling 
  • Materials used promote safe drinking 
  • Keep warm feature 
  • Quiet operation 


  • Collects water scale quickly


Mueller Ultra Kettle: Model No. M99S 1500W Electric Kettle with SpeedBoil Tech, 1.8 Liter Cordless with LED Light, Borosilicate Glass, Auto Shut-Off and Boil-Dry Protection

One of the features that stood out for us, is the Mueller Ultra Kettle’s resistant anti-slip grip handle. This is great for anyone who struggles to pick up heavy objects or even someone who tends to be clumsy. 

Even though the kettle hasn’t been designed with quiet operation in mind, it is quiet enough to be able to have a conversation with someone standing next to the kettle. 

The kettle’s body is made with Borosilicate Glass to give you purer tasting water. You get to control how hot the water gets, and the boil-dry safety feature ensures that the kettle will never turn on without water in it. 


  • Reasonably quiet 
  • Anti-slip grip handle 
  • Glass body design ensures safer drinking water 
  • Temperature control 
  • Auto shut off and boil-dry features 


  • The lid can be a little tricky to open and close


COMFEE' 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle, BPA-Free Hot Water Kettle Electric with LED Light, Auto Shut-Off and Boil-Dry Protection, 1500W Fast Boil Electric Kettle

The COMFEE electric kettle teapot is powerful without being noisy. While most kettles make up 70dB of noise, the COMFEE electric kettle has a noise level as low as 59dB. A sound level of 59dB is about the amount of noise you’d hear from having a normal conversation. 

Being made out of stainless steel, the kettle is likely to give off that slight metal taste. But it has many features that make up for this. For example, the kettle is fast and efficient, as it is able to heat up water in 4-6 minutes. The 1.7 liter capacity allows you to offer hot beverages to many guests as well as yourself. 

The kettle is also easy to clean because the lid is wide and opens easily. You will have to clean the kettle regularly though to prevent limescale buildup. 

It’s safe to have around kids as well because of the double wall insulation. This also contributes to its quiet operation. You can also make use of the auto shut off and boil-dry features. 


  • Quiet (59dB) 
  • Boils water quickly and efficiently 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Designed with double wall insulation 
  • Auto shut off and boil-dry features


  • Made out of stainless steel
  • Can’t control the temperature of the boil

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Quietest Electric Kettle 

If you're looking to buy a really quiet electric kettle make sure you keep the following tips and questions in mind:

Is the electric kettle going to make a lot of noise?

When you’re looking to buy a new kettle, it’s important to remember that the more powerful a kettle is, the louder it will be. 

Manufacturers often claim that a kettle’s operation is almost unnoticeable or that it’s pretty quiet, but if it’s a powerful little guy then you can expect to hear some noise. 

Something else that’s good to keep in mind, is that an inferior quality kettle is more prone to being loud than one of high quality.

Also, a kettle that has double insulated walls, is going to be a lot quieter when in use than your normal design of kettle. What’s cool about a kettle with a double insulated wall design is that you’re almost guaranteed that it’s going to be quieter than most kettles.

This is because the noise that’s made when the kettle is on, has to travel through two walls instead of one and in the process of doing this, the sound is dampened once it’s on the other side. 

At the end of the day, your most trusted source of information will be the product reviews. There you can get a fairly honest opinion on what the kettle is really like. 

What materials is the electric kettle made out of?

Why do we need to be thinking about the materials the kettle is made out of? Put simply, they affect the taste of the water in the kettle.

Here are the 3 different kinds of materials used to design electric kettles and a bit of information about them:


Plastic is the worst of the lot and will give your water a strange taste. Plastic contains BPA (bisphenol A), which is an industrial chemical.

When plastic is heated, this chemical is released into the water in even greater amounts than it normally would. This chemical has been known to have an effect on a person’s health.

It’s for this reason that plastic kettles are not the best ones to buy. Unfortunately, most of the cheaper electric kettles are made out of plastic. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is quite a common material and widely used material. You’ll find that most electric kettles have been designed with stainless steel. But even though this material is much better than plastic, is durable and is used on more affordable electric kettles, it still affects the taste of the water. Some describe their hot drinks as having a metallic taste after using a stainless steel kettle. 


Probably the only issue with having a glass kettle is that it can break a lot easier than other kinds of kettles. But looking past all that, glass kettles can add style to your kitchen.

An added bonus is that they let you see what’s going on inside the kettle. This is especially helpful for letting you know when you need to clean the kettle. 

Does the water leave an odd taste in your mouth? Nope, it doesn’t. That’s what makes a glass kettle one of the better kettles to buy. With that being said, a glass kettle is pricier than others. 

How big or bulky is the electric kettle?

Whether your kettle is bulky or not does matter. For some, it may not be important to consider, but it can affect others quite significantly. Why?

Because when a kettle has a large handle, it makes it more difficult to pick the kettle up. For someone who can’t grasp things easily, this would make their lives quite complicated. 

For someone who struggles to pick up things or hold onto items, a kettle that has been designed with a textured grip on the handle would be better to use. Bulkier kettles are also heavier in general, so if a person struggles to lift heavy objects, a smaller kettle would be much more suitable. 

Size also matters when it comes to the amount of people who will be using it. It would be a waste of resources to buy a 1.7 liter kettle that will only be used by two people.

It’s always a clever idea to buy a kettle that meets your needs, so if you live alone or with someone else, then a smaller kettle (1 liter kettle for example) will be perfect for you. 

Will it be safe to use around kids?

If you have kids, you know the importance of making just about everything in your house child-proof. You might even have friends who have kids, and you want to make sure that they stay safe inside your home.

If that’s the case, you want to look for an electric kettle that offers you safety features. 

Kettles that have double insulated walls are an example of what we would call “safe” kettles.

The outside of the kettle will stay cool while the inside is hot. You can also look for electric kettles that have been designed with thick and durable materials. 

Electric Kettle - Useful Features

Some of the more expensive electric kettles have some really interesting features. For example, some kettles have a feature that allows you to decide at what temperature the kettle will boil at.  

Another useful feature that some modern kettles have is the “keep warm” feature. It lets you keep the freshly boiled water at a specific temperature for a certain amount of time.

This saves time because you don’t have to put your kettle on a second or third time in the space of a few minutes when you want a second cup of tea or coffee. 

We have mentioned this earlier, but another feature you might want to look out for is kettles that have non-slip handles. It ensures that you have control over your kettle at all times. 

FAQ - Quiet Electric Kettles

How can I make my electric kettle quieter?

Here are some easy ways to make your electric kettle quieter:

  • Use a tea cosy

Not all of us are familiar with what tea cosies are and their uses, but they’re great to have and really help to keep an electric kettle quiet. 

Tea cosies have been used to keep a tea pot warm, but many have used it to keep their electric kettles quiet as well. When a properly insulated tea cozy is used over the kettle, most of the noise it makes will be muffled. 

It’s important to use a tea cosy that’s either thick or well insulated if you want the best results.

The only issue with tea cosies, is that most of them are made for teapots and not electric kettles. However, they do seem big enough to be able to cover an electric kettle, even if it’s just a partial covering. 

  • Use a limescale solution (if applicable) 

Limescale is a serious bother. Limescale (also known as calcium carbonate) is sediments that forms at the bottom of your kettle, and they form when the boiling water solidifies. Limescale causes your kettle to operate more loudly than it should because of the buildup it creates. So, you can see why you need to get rid of it. 

Although it is easy to remove the limescale, it also has a habit of coming back.

Fortunately, there is a rinse you can make that is easily put together, so it shouldn’t be too much of a mission to clean your kettle.

You can find the recipe for the rinse here:

Lemon Juice Rinse

  1. Pour at least a cup of lemon juice in your kettle. You can use the lemon juice from a freshly cut lemon or store bought lemon juice for this step. 
  1. Leave the lemon juice rinse in your kettle for about 1 hour. 
  1. Add a small amount of water to the kettle and put it on to boil. 
  1. After boiling the kettle, the limescale should have lifted and you can rinse everything out. 

If you’re familiar with rubberized undercoating spray, you might find it a bit strange that we’re suggesting you use it on an electric kettle. 

For those that aren’t sure about what this product is, the question arises, “What is it and how will it help me make my electric kettle quieter?”. Rubberized undercoating spray is actually more commonly used on cars, but it has equal benefits when used on a kettle and isn’t harmful to you or your appliance. 

The spray is applied on the bottom of your kettle. You’ll need to avoid the wires and holes under your kettle though, which makes it somewhat challenging to apply. You need to wash and dry your kettle before you use the spray for it to work effectively. 

It’s quite a nice product to use because besides making your electric kettle quieter, it also keeps your kettle free from dirt and dust. You can find the spray on amazon, but it would be possible to find it in your local hardware store as well.

  • Use a rubber sheet or mat under your kettle 

Sometimes a kettle will make a noise because of the vibrations happening at the bottom of the kettle. If it’s seated on a wooden surface, those vibrations will sound even louder than they should. A great solution for this problem is to buy a rubber sheet or mat and place it under the kettle. There are plenty of rubber sheets to choose from on Amazon. You could also consider using an anti-vibration mat to reduce noise.

Which kettle is quietest?

The dhdh Stainless Steel Quiet Electric Kettle is the best quietest electric kettle we reviewed.

Are there silent kettles?

Every kettle will make some noise so there aren't any completely silent kettles. Some are quieter than others though and there are some ways to make your kettle quieter.

How many decibels is a quiet kettle?

The quietest electric kettle will put out around 60dB. To get an idea of how that compares with other appliances check out our list of sound levels in dB.

How to keep your electric kettle quiet

Once you’ve turned your once noisy kettle into a quiet one, you’ll want to keep it that way. Here’s some tips for keeping your electric kettle as silent as possible and in good condition: 

  • Don’t leave water standing in your kettle 

It’s a bit of a mission to be constantly refilling your kettle but leaving water in it will cause a buildup of mineral deposits. As we talked about earlier, mineral deposits like limescale are just going to make your kettle noisier because it affects how the kettle functions. 

  • Clean your kettle regularly 

Cleaning your kettle often will help to ensure that your kettle runs smoothly. It also prevents the limescale issue. Cleaning the interior and exterior of the kettle is always best. 

  • Don’t put the bottom of your kettle in water 

“Why would anyone do that?” That’s a good question, but it’s more about when it might happen rather than why anyone would do it. 

When we’re using the kettle, it often happens that we spill about of water on the kettle stand. It’s not intentional, but if we don’t see it and clean it up, the bottom of the kettle (more specifically the kettle’s electrical connection) is exposed to water, and it can cause the kettle to function poorly and make noise. 


After reviewing 5 of the quietest electric kettles, we hope you’ve found what you’re looking for. Don’t be too quick to get rid of an old electric kettle just because it’s making noise. There are some things you can do, and we encourage you try each of the solutions we suggested to make your electric kettle quieter. 

If you decide that you really need a new electric kettle, keep in mind the buyers guide. Even though we know only you can choose the best electric kettle for yourself, the buyers guide will help you choose the quietest electric kettle.