Quietest Lawn Mowers – Corded and Cordless Reviews

As much as we enjoy our time in the garden, it needs to be regularly maintained, and mowing our lawn is a task that daunts many of us.

Whether it's because our mowers have seen better days or are loud and hard to push around the lawn, cutting the grass becomes a dreaded task. 

The last thing you want is a loud lawn mower that people can hear streets away, especially if it doesn’t perform that well! You don’t want a mower that's loud, heavy to handle, and tricky to maintain, do you?

We've reviewed the quietest lawn mowers on the market that are sure to keep your lawn well maintained without annoying the neighbors!

Keep reading to find your new quiet lawn mower that is sure to restore your garden to its tranquility and ensure that everyone can enjoy some peace and quiet when you mow your lawn. 


Makita XML03PT1 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless 18' Lawn Mower Kit with 4 Batteries (5.0Ah)

Sitting at the top of our quietest lawn mower list is this cordless lawn mower from Makita! Their Brushless Lawn Mower kit comes with four batteries to ensure you can cut your lawn and have power to spare!

If you purchase Makita’s lawn mower, you are unlikely to replace it any time soon! Featuring a heavy steel deck, the mower is made with quality and durability in mind.

The mower also features weather-resistant construction, increasing its durability and ensures the mower is with you for a long time!

You also get fantastic adjustability when it comes to grass height. It’s not as high as other mowers included, but you won’t be disappointed if you are looking to maintain short grass!

You can also adjust the height of the mower's handles too, ensuring you can use the lawnmower comfortably.

Makita’s mower is incredibly quiet, allowing you flexibility when you cut your lawn! Even at full power, the mower is incredibly quiet, making it a wonderful choice for those after a quiet mower.

There are also very little vibrations, meaning it should be comfortable to use for most users.

The lawn mower runs on batteries, and you get plenty included, allowing you to cut up to 7,300 square feet of grass on just two batteries! You can store the mower easily, too, thanks to the folding handles.

It also makes it easy to transport the mower should you need to.

While it might seem like the perfect quiet lawn mower (and in many ways, it is), you need to be mindful that this mower is expensive. Consider your budget before investing in this industrious mower!


  • Steel construction - it’s built to last
  • Quiet mode - keeps your mower running quietly even under pressure
  • Adjustable heights - makes it suitable for cutting a range of lawns 
  • Folding handles - offers compact storage that's ideal for most garages and sheds 
  • Weather-resistant construction - ensures longevity and durability


  • Expensive


Greenworks 12 Amp 20' Corded Lawn Mower, 25022

After an affordable quiet electric mower? Look no further than Greenworks' corded electric mower!

The 20-inch lawn mower is ideal for mid-sized gardens without breaking the bank. It’s also packed full of useful features that we think you will love.

The 3-in-1 system mulches grass and leaves or discharges them from the side; the choice is yours!

There’s also a rear bag for storing grass clippings too. Allowing you to choose where the grass goes offers fantastic flexibility and allows the mower to suit your needs.

Greenworks’s mower is incredibly durable, too, thanks to the steel deck. The electric motor runs quietly, so you won’t need to fuss with earplugs; simply plug your mower in and go!

The vibrations aren’t too bad on this mower either, so that you can handle it with ease.

The only downside to the mower is that it’s corded and must be plugged in to be used. The power cable isn’t the longest, so you might need to use an extension cord depending on where your power points are.

The use of an extension cord and corded power doesn’t suit everyone, but Greenworks do offer cordless mowers that are just as quiet if you prefer! You can check them out here.

Apart from the cord, the mower is easy to maneuver, and the lightweight body means anyone can use it! There’s also an adjustable handle height and blade length, allowing you to tackle longer grass with ease.

The large wheels also allow for easy movement, even over rugged terrain! If you require a heavy-duty lawn mower, then look no further than Greenworks corded mower!


  • Affordable - suitable for most budgets 
  • Steel deck - offers durability and longevity 
  • 3-in-1 system - is easy to use and maintain 
  • Adjustable height - perfect for all grass lengths
  • Unlimited run time - thanks to the corded power!


  • Might need an extension cord to ensure that you can reach all your garden


LawnMaster MEB1216K Electric Lawn Mower 16-Inch 12AMP

Next is the Lawn Master’s Electric lawnmower. It’s the perfect mower for anyone on a budget that doesn’t want to deal with excess noise! The 12amp electric motor is extremely efficient and works to keep the noise to a minimum.

There are also hardly any vibrations with this quiet mower too, making it super easy to handle!

Children, the elderly, and everyone in between will be able to handle it with ease! It’s extremely lightweight, too, allowing you to move around your lawn with ease.

Lawn Master’s mower also features a foldable handle, allowing you to store the already compact mower with ease! You will get this mower in the tightest of spaces if needed, making it the ideal choice for anyone with limited space.

We would say the mower is better suited to those with smaller gardens and yards.

While there is an 8-gallon capacity grass bag on a single battery charge, the electric mower will only cover a smaller garden or yard before it needs charging.

Rather than be caught short mid-mow, we think this mower is best suited for those that don’t have an especially large garden.

While you might need to consider the size of your garden, you won’t need to consider the length of the grass!

The mower features a durable 16-inch steel metal blade that can cut at 3,500RPM, offering some seriously fast cutting.

There are also six cutting positions that are adjusted easily, allowing you to tackle some wilder grass with minimal effort.

The handle is also adjustable, meaning anyone can use the mower with minimal fuss. The large back wheels on the mower make it easy to maneuver and rotate.

Gone are the days of needing arms like Popeye to mow your lawn! Lawn Master offers you an affordable and reliable mower that won’t let small garden users down or require much effort!


  • Compact Mower - ideal for smaller gardens and yards 
  • Adjustable blades - cut through a range of grass lengths
  • Low vibrations - virtually anyone can handle it 
  • Lightweight - easy to handle and store 
  • Quiet motor - will keep mower noise levels down


  • Battery life might not be long enough to mow larger gardens on one charge. 


American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14' 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower, Black

This American Lawn Mower Company mower permits a powerful 11-amp motor that provides efficient cutting on all types of grass.

It has a large 14” cutting width which is ideal for users with large yards and it also benefits from a 5-position easy-change cutting height which is useful for various areas of the yard that are different in grass height and type. 

It includes a 16-gallon grass bag which is sufficient for moderate-sized yards and also has a grass level indicator so you’ll be able to easily see when the bag is getting near to full and then simply dispose of it when necessary.

The grass bag also has a carry handle to make it easier to dispose of the trimmings in the trash. 

It has multiple handle height positions to suit a multitude of users and is made up of a slim and compact frame with foldable handles for an easier storage solution.

The electric mulching power is lightweight and easy to operate and is a very quiet lawn mower. Its noise output can be compared to a household vacuum cleaner


  • Large capacity grass bag - No need to regularly empty it whilst mowing
  • Multiple hand heights - Can be adjusted for each user
  • Lightweight frame - Easy to maneuver and transport to storage


  • An extension cord will be needed to plug it in - Cable length isn’t long enough


American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower, Red

After a manual mower that won’t break the bank? Why not try American Lawn Mower Company’s Reel Mower? There's no motor so it's one of the quietest lawn mower options available.

The manual reel lawn mower is an environmentally friendly option for those looking to use less energy or gas while still maintaining an even lawn!

The mower features a 4-blade reel and a cutting width of 14-inches, making it perfect for small to medium lawns. You could use this on any size lawn, but be mindful that it will take longer on larger lawns.

The four-blade design also means it's not ideal for use on rough terrains.

You get plenty of adjustable options, though, allowing you to tackle your grass!

The maximum blade height is 1.75 inches, so it might not be the best for those with longer, wilder grass that they need to tackle quickly!

The mower can cut grass up to 4-inches tall, so maybe check your lawn before purchasing!

You can expect fantastic durability from the mower, though. The polymer wheels are not only durable but allow you to maneuver the machine with ease.

You get heat-treated alloy steel blades, too, guaranteed to stay sharp for years! It's the perfect mower for those after low-maintenance machines.

Lawn Master’s manual mower is incredibly lightweight too and easy to use!

Simply pop your mower on your lawn and get to work! There’s far less maintenance than gas mowers, giving you more time to spend enjoying your lawn!


  • Affordable - suitable for a range of budgets 
  • Durable parts - ensures longevity 
  • Adjustable height - allows you to cut grass up to 4-inches tall
  • Quiet operation - no motor means it runs almost silently!
  • Compact design - perfect for small to midsize lawns


  • Not suitable for longer grass or rough terrains 


BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded, 13 Amp, 20-Inch (BEMW213)

Next up is the Black and Decker’s 20inch lawn mower. This quiet corded mower is reasonably priced and is powerful enough to tackle tall grass and rougher terrains! It's the ideal mower to use for landscaping.

You can mow right up to fences and other fixtures safely, allowing you to get the perfect lawn.

There won’t be any clusters of long grass in the corners of your lawn with this mower! If you crave a showroom-style garden, it's the mower for you!

The 13 amp electric motor runs quietly and offers little vibrations, making it easy for most users to handle. It also features a lightweight plastic body that’s easy to handle and maneuver.

While the plastic body isn’t the most durable, customers have cited how well the mower has lasted and performed! You can even transport this lawnmower easily!

You get a huge grass bag on the mower, too, meaning you don’t need to empty it often. It's ideal for those after a low-maintenance mower they can use it with ease.

The corded mower does not come with an extension cord, and you will need one to ensure you reach all corners of your lawn.

Remember, there are plenty of cordless mowers on the market if this doesn’t suit you.

The range of features and settings on the mower allows you to enjoy precise cutting without costing you too much! If you can deal with the cord, we think it's an excellent choice for those craving a meticulous lawn!

This is the quietest lawn mower at this budget price point. 


  • It is reasonably priced - suitable for most budgets.
  • Range of features - allows you to get the perfect lawn 
  • Adjustable height and handle - perfect for a range of grass lengths and user heights 
  • Lightweight design - easy to handle and transport if needed
  • Quiet operation - don’t need to worry about waking your neighbors


  • You will need to purchase an extension cord to run the corded mower.


Craftsman M105 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower with Bagger, Liberty Red

Our top pick for the best quietest gas lawn mower is this Craftsman M105 3-in-1 lawn mower.

The gas engine comes with recoil and auto choke to produce optimum running in all lawn conditions.

It has a 21-inch cutting deck which is ideal for moderate to large lawns that can take a long time to mow.

It may be suitable for smaller yards but you’ll have to take more care when going over the edges. 

The Craftsman model has 6-adjustable cutting heights for your lawn that’s functioning by the dual-lever on the construction.

It has 3-in-1 mowing capabilities allowing side and rear discharge of your lawn and also being capable of mulching.

It comes with durable zag-treaded wheels to help make maneuvering around thick lawns easier for the user. 

For a gas mower, it’s surprisingly lightweight and easy to maneuver and is also relatively quiet in comparison to many other gas mowers we’ve come across.

If you have your heart set on gas power then this is the quietest lawn mower option to consider.


  • Quieter than other gas models - No annoying your neighbors

  • 21-inch cutting deck - Allows for more efficient mowing

  • Recoil & Auto-choke - Optimum mower running in all conditions


  • Basic bar handle - May become uncomfortable during long mowing sessions


No products found.

Coming in a close second to our top spot is this Lawn-Boy model that has a rear-wheel drive to make mowing your lawn an effortless task.

This 3-in-1 mower will allow you to mulch, bag or side discharge your cuttings. 

It has a 21-inch cutting deck which will cut down the time it takes you to mow your lawn and is primarily best suited for larger yards.

The Lawn-Boy has a commercial-grade engine that delivers both performance and care whilst also boasting user-friendly maintenance which means no oil changes will be required. 

You can adjust the cutting height to 6 different positions and can easily be done so via 2 adjustment points on the model.

It’s also compliant with emissions regulations in numerous states, so you won’t be breaking laws if you buy this mower (make sure to double-check though). 

It comes with a large cutting bag capacity which allows you to mow longer without stopping to empty your bag all the time.


  • Large capacity cuttings bag - Reduces the times you need to stop and empty

  • Compliant with CARB regulations - Doesn’t break state laws

  • 6 adjustable cutting heights -  Allows cutting for both short and longer lawn heights


  • Not the most durable - Mower deck can easily chip and peel away 


PowerSmart Self Propelled Lawn Mower, 20-Inch & 170CC, 3 Wheels Mowing Easier, 4-Stroke Engine, 3-in-1 Gas Mower with Bag, 8 Adjustable Cutting Height

If you’re not too bothered about finding a budget-friendly gas mower but you’re looking for reliable power and efficiency, hit up this PowerSmart 170cc quiet gas-powered lawn mower.

The 4-stroke cylinder engine will be able to tackle the tallest unkept grass for long durations and thanks to the advanced cooling system it ensures the mower can continue at high power without overheating.

It has a whopping 8-position height adjustment for maximum versatility when it comes to mowing your yard whilst the cutting width of 21” will also minimize the time it takes you to mow your entire lawn. 

It has a quick folding capability and tidy storage meaning you can store it in your workhouse without taking up too much space.

It is a fairly heavy mower due to the multiple components in the engine, so if you’re not blessed in the muscles department or you are more elderly then this won’t be the mower for you.

It has a 14.6-gallon grass collection bag which will be more than enough for moderate-sized lawns without having to empty during your mowing.

It also has 3-in-1 discharge and mulching capabilities which allows you to spread your grass clippings. If you want one of the quietest petrol lawn mower options then this is worth considering.


  • Huge grass bag capacity - Minimizes the number of emptying times during mowing

  • 4-stroke cylinder engine - Powers through tall and tough grass without overheating

  • Quick folding capability - Makes putting away after mowing easier


  • Heavy - Will be difficult to maneuver and carry for some people


Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower, w/10.6-Gallon Collection Bag, 3-Position Height Adjustment, Safety Key, 14 inches, Green

For easy maneuverability and unrestricted mowing, you’ll want to go for a battery-powered lawn mower and this Sun Joe model happens to be our best pick for the job.

It has a smaller 14” cutting deck which is ideal for precise cutting on smaller lawns but won’t be good for large lawns as it’ll increase the time it takes you to cut the lawn.

It has a 3-position manual height adjustment to help you create the right finish for your lawn.

It has a 28V 4Ah rechargeable battery that offers a quarter of an acre of continuous mowing per charge (25 minutes).

It’ll also take about 4 hours to fully charge which we recommend doing so after every time you use it.

It features an instant start button for easy functioning but also has a safety switch to prevent accidental starts (great if you’ve got young children who love to mess with everything).

It has a detachable grass catcher with a capacity of 10.6 gallons which will be sufficient for small lawns.

This is a whisper-quiet lawn mower and is the perfect solution for when you need to mow your lawn but you only have time in the early morning or late evenings.

This model is only 29lbs and is ideal for whizzing around your lawn to tidy it up.


  • Only weighs 29lbs - Easy to maneuver and carry to storage
  • Safety switch included - Prevents accidental start-ups
    Adequate run time - 25 minutes is ideal for small yards


  • Bad lawn conditions will eat up charge - Lawn will need to be dry every time


Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 19' Push Lawn Mower, Includes Kit of 2 2.0 Batteries and Rapid Charger

The Snapper model comes with a generous 2 Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries which offer up to 90 minutes of mowing on a single charge between them, so will be perfect for users with huge lawns.

It has a 19-inch cutting deck for efficient lawn trimming and also features 3-in-1 mulch, bag, or side discharge capabilities to suit your needs.

The Snapper has a compact vertical storage capability which is ideal for those who have smaller outdoor workhouses but don’t want to expose their mower to the elements by storing them outdoors.

The easy push-button startup and brushless motor requires minimal maintenance for the user but also provide easy functionality. 

The implemented ergonomic handlebar is also perfect for owners with large lawns who will need to dedicate more time to trim their lawn. 

Batteries can take a long time to charge due to their power output and will also experience a recovery mode if they’re not used frequently. 


  • 2 batteries included with 90-minute run time - Ability to mow large lawns in one go

  • Ergonomic handlebar -  Comfortable grip for long mowing sessions

  • Vertical storage capability - Ideal for storing in smaller spaces


  • Batteries take a while to fully charge - Will need to stay on top of charging 


EGO Power+ LM2133 21-Inch Select Cut Lawn Mower 5.0Ah Battery and Rapid Charger Included

Another popular choice for a cordless/battery-powered lawn mower is this EGO Power+ model due to its quiet operation that won’t frustrate those around you and also its large 21” cutting deck that can tackle huge grassy areas.

The EGO multi-blade cutting performance outranks even some of the most powerful gas models but with a fraction of the noise. 

The brushless motor mower features bright LED headlights on the front of the model to help navigate and accurately monitor your lawn in the evenings in the winter.

It also benefits from 7 different height settings that range between 1.5-4” to create short and fuller lawns.

It has an average of 45-minute running time on a full charge which should be sufficient to get most if not all of your lawn trimmed but a purchase of an additional battery would be recommended if you’re lucky enough to have a huge lawn.

The batteries do charge quickly so you could always wait for a bit before continuing to finish off the rest of your lawn. 

The construction is also weather-resistant which is great if you haven’t got protective storage to keep your mower when not in use.

However, the EGO Power+ is compact and pretty small so should fit into small workhouses or greenhouses. 


  • 45-minute running time - Sufficient for moderate to large yards

  • LED headlights - Offers more accurate trimming and flexibility to mow in the dark

  • Weather-resistant construction - Can keep outdoors under a shelter


  • Not as effective on wet grass - Will have to wait until conditions are dry 

Quietest Lawn Mowers Buying Guide

quietest lawn mower

Are you in the market for a new and quiet lawn mower but aren’t quite sure what you should be looking for? Then use our handy buyer’s guide below to help navigate the world of lawnmowers and turn you into an expert!

Types of Lawnmowers

Before we get into it, let’s briefly take a quick look at the different types of lawnmowers. You will have seen us mention these types earlier, but perhaps you aren’t sure or just need a little recap. Whatever your reason, we have your back!

Manual Mowers

Manual lawn mowers are the quietest on the market! Instead of running on electricity or gas, manual mowers run on your movements!

As there is no power source or noisy motor, they operate virtually in silence! You push the mower, and the blades will get to work cutting your grass.

You can choose between push mowers or reel mower cuts, but generally speaking, the results are the same.

The features of manual motors vary depending on your budget, but you can expect them to be easy to handle and use without adding noise to your yard!

Manual mowers tend to be affordable and are increasingly popular with smaller yards or densely populated areas where noise pollution would be a serious concern.

Electric Mowers

Electric lawn mowers are some of the quietest lawn mower options on the market. You can purchase them cordless or corded, and they offer a quiet operation at roughly 75 decibels. 

Electric mowers offer fewer vibrations and are a popular choice for people after an easy-to-handle use lawn mower.

Compared to gas mowers, electric ones require less maintenance and are less likely to break over time.

They are also more environmentally friendly too! Electric mowers usually feature plastic or steel construction and tend to be quite durable.

Gas Mowers

Gas lawn mowers tend to be the loudest lawn mowers on the market. They usually have noisy engines and are typically the mowers you can hear three streets away! But they don’t need to be this way. As technology continues to advance and develop, we see gas mowers that run quietly enter the market.

Regular maintenance and cleaning too can help existing gas mowers run quieter than normal too. You can check out some tips on making your mower quieter in our FAQ section below!

What your lawn needs?

When purchasing a lawnmower, you need to ensure that it will be well suited to your lawn and its needs! After all, there’s no point purchasing a lawnmower if it isn’t going to help keep your grass under control, is it?

Let’s take a look at the different types of lawns to help you narrow your choice.

Long Grass and Rough Terrains

These lawns will need a mower with more than one blade to get through the long grass.

You will also want a mower with multiple power modes that will allow you to tackle thick grass or rougher terrains. 

Look for a range of power modes on your prospective mowers and see in the review section if other customers with long grass enjoyed the mower.

Small Yards and Urban Areas

If you’ve got a smaller area to maintain, then electric mowers are the way to go! Find one with a smaller cutting deck, fourteen inches or smaller is perfect.

These smaller mowers are perfect for maneuvering around tight areas and keeping your lawn tidy.

It's worth having a quiet mower, like an electric one, if you live in urban areas with a higher population.

While electric mowers are fantastic, another option is manual mowers. These are more time-consuming but tend to be the quietest and easiest to handle. 

Manual lawn mowers produce no vibrations making them perfect for anyone to handle!

Larger Lawns and Rural Areas

When it comes to larger lawns or more rural areas, the battery life should be a key factor you consider, especially if purchasing an electric mower. You will want mowers with up to four batteries or upgradable batteries.

These types tend to provide the best battery life and ensure that your lawnmower doesn’t die mid-use! There is no worse feeling than that, is there?

You will also want to consider the width of the cutting deck. If you’ve got a larger lawn, we would strongly consider larger cutting widths to save you time!

The wider the cutting deck then, the fewer passes needed to mow the entire lawn.

When you have a large yard, it might be worth considering gas-powered lawn mowers. Yes, they are louder, harder to handle, and produce more vibrations, but their power is virtually unbeaten!

Those with exceptionally large yards should consider how important a quiet mower is to them. If it gets the job done quickly and easily, can you endure a bit of noise?

Slightly louder mowers are easier to have in rural areas too, where you are unlikely to disrupt your neighbors or need to worry about the time of day you mow your lawn.

It's not for everyone, but worth considering if you have a lot of grass to get through!

What about you?

Now that we have looked at what your lawn needs, the next focus should be yourself.

You need to consider what lawn mower is best suited to you, too; otherwise, you are likely to end up with a mower you hardly use or hate! Let’s look at some of the factors you need to consider.

Your Ability

Mowing a lawn, regardless of its size, can be hard work. This is no secret, and to buy the best quiet lawnmower for you, you need to consider your physical ability and limitations.

For example, the elderly, children, or anyone with a physical disability would benefit from lawnmowers with no or very few vibrations.

The lack of vibrations allows you to control the lawnmower better and have better handling, something many users enjoy.

Manual mowers are best for this as they offer virtually no vibrations or noise! Manual mowers tend to be lightweight, too; you can carry them in just one hand! It's the ideal choice for those after an easy-to-use mower.

Brushless electric lawn mowers are also a fantastic option that offers reduced vibrations.

These brushless motors can even be more powerful and efficient than conventional motors, making them a great choice if you have thicker grass to cut through without using a lot of effort.

Keep an eye out for features that make lawn mowers more user-friendly if you feel you need more support.

Self-propelling capabilities, adjustable handle heights, and lightweight designs are all fantastic features that will make your mower easier to use.

Why not make a list of the features that you would like and use this to find your new quiet lawn mower today?

How much?

When purchasing your new quiet lawn mower, you must consider the price of it. Beforehand, set a budget and try to stick to it as best as possible.

Thankfully, as you can see from today's list, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a good quality lawn mower!

Typically, electric and gas lawn mowers are pretty comparable in price. Those with basic features will be more affordable than mowers with all the bells and whistles.

Similarly, plastic lawn mowers tend to be another affordable option. They are generally cheaper than steel mowers, but it's worth noting that the quality and durability tend to worsen in these cheaper options.

When setting your budget for your lawn mower, it's worth considering what you need from it and make a list of features you would like your mower to have.

Use the list to search for your mower and set a budget that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered here!

Why Are Lawn Mowers So Loud?

Lawn mowers are so loud because their engines are powerful and also the blades are spinning very fast to cut the grass which gives off a loud sound.

The vibrations of the motor and the blades moving are hitting the ground which also produces more noise. 

They can also be loud if some screws or parts are loose as these will vibrate when the engine is running. 

What Is The Quietest Type Of Lawn Mower You Can Buy?

The quietest lawn mower you can buy is a manual or human-powered one, however, this isn’t always most effective at cutting grass.

The quietest non-manual lawn mower is an electric or battery-powered mower because it doesn’t have a loud combustion engine. 

Are Electric Mowers Quieter Than Gas Mowers?

Yes, electric mowers are quieter than gas mowers as they have fewer moving parts which create fewer vibrations and therefore produce less noise.

How can I make my lawn mower quieter?

To make your lawn mower quieter, you can replace the muffler. Replacing the muffler can help to quieten your lawn mower if you don’t already own a quiet lawn mower. 

Another option is to purchase anti-vibration sound deadening mats that can be placed inside the lawn mower. These tend to be fairly affordable and certainly cheaper than purchasing a new lawn mower! 

These can help to reduce any excess noise or vibrations that could be coming from the mower.

Are there any silent lawn mowers?

While we search to remove noise, you will find virtually silent or extremely quiet lawn mowers, but a completely silent one doesn’t exist yet.

That’s because lawn mowers have motors that move to remove the grass, and these motors make noise.

The best option would be a manual or human-powered lawn mower. These make the least amount of noise and will deliver a near-silent operation.

In these cases, check out the ones we mentioned earlier to find the best one for you!

Electric motors are still reasonably quiet, too, and will make a fine choice. Gas mowers tend to be the loudest, but you can combat this with regular maintenance to keep them as quiet as possible.

These are the best choices on the market until such a time that a silent lawn mower exists!

What lawn mowers are the most reliable?

Reliability when it comes to lawn mowers goes deeper than a brand name. Instead, you want to look at the materials used to create your lawn mower to determine how reliable it will be.

Generally speaking, steel cutting decks are the most reliable and tend to be more durable than plastic cutting decks.

The same applies to steel blades, but there will be a heftier price tag attached to mowers with steel components.

There's no need to fuss with filter changes, oil, or engine issues as you would with gas. Electric mowers are reliable too and require less maintenance and repair than gas lawn mowers.

It’s worth considering all these factors when deciding which reliable lawn mower is best for you.

It's always worth checking customer reviews of the lawn mower before you make your purchase too.

They can be helpful places and provide you with insight into how the lawn mower operates and performs.

Remember to take these with a pinch of salt, though, and keep an eye out for reviews by verified buyers to reduce the chance of bias.

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Cut Your Lawn?

Gardeners will vouch that the best time of day to cut your lawn is before 10 am as it’ll give your lawn time to dry and heal before the evening comes.

As for neighbors, however, we’d recommend after 8 am on weekdays and after 9 am on weekends if you’d like to remain in their good books.

Final Word

And just like that, we have reached the end of our lawn mower journey today! As you can see, there is plenty of choice when it comes to finding your new quiet lawn mower.

Purchasing any of the mowers that we have mentioned today ensures you will have one of excellent quality that will be quiet in use!

Remember to use our buyer’s guide to help you make your decision and that our FAQ section will help eliminate any queries or concerns you might have when purchasing your new lawn mower.

Whether you are after the quietest electric lawn mower or a quiet gas powered mower, you are guaranteed to find one of excellent quality without breaking the bank or making a lot of noise!