Quietest Propane Generator [Best of 2023 Reviews]

Whether you are a keen camper, a fan of van life, or simply a fan of the outdoorsy life, investing in the quietest propane generator should be one of your number one priorities.

These seemingly simple devices offer all the power you need for your activity and have the added bonus of boosting your green credentials thanks to the reduced emissions.

As well as helping them to be more environmentally friendly, propane generators are also often favored thanks to their quieter operation - especially when compared to those which run on regular fuel.

The amount of noise created by a generator will depend on two key factors: the environment and conditions in which it is used, and the mechanisms used to create the machine.

But with so many options available, what is the quietest propane generator on the market??

We've reviewed the best quiet propane generators - as well as everything you need to know to make the right purchase.

In just a few simple steps, you will be ready to invest in a quiet propane generator and feel confident that you have made a smart, informed, and educated decision. 

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The Champion generator has earned the top spot on our list, and for very good reason - it has an outstanding reputation as one of the quietest propane generators on the market, and sound levels come in at a whisper-quiet 58 dBA, making it perfect even in residential or crowded areas - there will be no need to worry about your neighbors complaining.

The quiet operation also allows you to use the generator on camping sites, or on your RV, without worrying about disturbing others.

Longevity is another major advantage to this generator; you can enjoy 7.5 hours of run time and 3100 watts with a full tank of gasoline, or 14.5 hours if you use a 20lb propane tank - and both are on hand in the event that you need extra power.

The inclusion of dual-fuel offers freedom and flexibility, and you can also connect to another champion inverter for added convenience. Choose from one of three positions in the electric start for seamless use, and allow the economy mode to automatically detect the amount of energy required.

The generator will then slow the amount of energy, and the end result will be quieter, more productive, and more effective.

As well as being super-efficient, the generator is also extremely easy to use thanks to a quick touch panel, a battery, and a smart charger, keeping your battery powered up and ready to go at a moment's notice. It is also lightweight, portable, and comes covered by a manufacturer's warranty for added peace of mind.


  • Super portable and lightweight - making this the perfect choice for camping and RV.
  • Very quiet operation - perfect for use even in crowded or residential settings
  • Quick to start - even in an emergency situation
  • Dual-fuel allows for convenience and flexibility


  • Battery does not charge while running



Honda 664240 EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator with Co-Minder


With around 48-57dBA per use, this Honda generator comes in with a satisfyingly low noise level, and the less you run, the quieter it will be. In fact, the operation is so quiet that it is no problem to carry on a normal conversation, even if you are right beside the generator while it is running.

Running time is a generous 3.4 hours, and offers 2200 watts at peak power, as well as 1800 watt output energy.

If you still need a little extra push, it is worth investing in the dual-feed version, which allows you to add a second, parallel generator, to achieve a total power output of 4400 watts - ideal when you need to give power to something larger. As an added bonus you can extend the run time to 8.1 hours if you are operating on just 25%.

Running on both fuel and propane, you can opt for the most convenient material at any given time, or combine the two options for a mixed power supply. Note that if you are using the generator with propane, you will need to hook the tank up using a Tri-Fuel conversion kit, or suitable adaptor, in order to allow this to work.

With a portable, easy-to-carry design, this is the ideal generator to take with you on your outdoor activities, and which can be used to operate a huge range of appliances - there is no need to spend your money on multiple generators when this Honda model can take care of the majority of tasks for you.

This is the quietest propane generator for the money.


  • Suitable for a wide range of appliances - eliminating the need for multiple generators.
  • Extended running time - enjoy up to 8.1 hours of power in total
  • Connect to a parallel unit for double power
  • Very light and portable - ideal for camping
  • Extremely quiet generator


  • Requires extra steps to use the propane fuel



Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 9500 Peak Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator, Remote Electric Start, Transfer Switch Ready, Gas & Propane Powered


With noise levels of around 74dBA, this Westinghouse generator isn't the quietest propane generator on our list. It's still quiet enough to be unobtrusive, and not a bother to your neighbors, fellow campers, or those around you.

With this unit it's more about getting a lot of power for fewer Dollars.

It packs a punch in terms of power, offering an impressive 7500 watts, or 9500 watts when operating on gasoline. A propane tank will net you an impressive 6750 watts on average, and a maximum of 7500 watts, offering around 16 hours when operating on 25% power. 

Getting up and running is made easier thanks to the key fob remote, allowing you to start the generator from a distance, and with no worries about the recoil cord.

An onboard battery charger means that you can extend the lifespan of your battery to the maximum, and a built-in fuel gauge means that you can always monitor the oil levels.

When the oil levels fall below a certain amount, the generator will automatically shut itself off, offering you greater safety, protection, and peace of mind.

The control panel is intuitive and easy to operate, and you can easily transport your generator from place to place thanks to super handy wheels and an inbuild extendable handle, making it easy to add power to everything from your air conditioning unit to your RV with minimal effort.


  • Offers plenty of power - when running on fuel, propane, or a combination of both.
  • Easy to transport thanks to a built-in handle, and wheels for easy movement
  • Remote starting is safer and more convenience
  • Built-in oil gauge and automatic shut-off increases safety


  • Slightly louder than the other options



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If you are looking for a low noise propane generator then this Yamaha option may be just what you need. 

Every element of the design is aimed towards reducing unwanted sound as much as possible, thanks to a specific sound-blocking design, which includes molded sassing constructed from wool.

This is a material designed for minimizing and muffling sound as much as possible, and, when combined with the rubber feet, ensures that you can run the generator with minimal disruption - this peaks at 61dBA when running at full capacity, and drops to around 51.5 dBA at a quarter load.

This makes it one of the quietest propane generators we've reviewed.

The quieter sound does not mean that you need to sacrifice power, however - the Yahama generator starts at 2000 watts, and produces this amount when running at full capacity.

On a quarter load, you can enjoy the power of around 400 watts, allowing you to run a number of appliances at a time, without having to worry about excessive noise. If that is not quite enough juice for your needs, ramp the power up a notch thanks to TwinTech capability - this has a maximum power of 3600 watts


  • Super quiet operation thanks to a specially formulated design and materials
  • Smart throttle will vary the speed of the engine based on the load, allowing you to improve your fuel use and run your generator for longer.
  • Fuel gauge and oil warning system allow you to keep track of safety and power.
  • Electrical overload protection protects internal circuits


  • No electric start - this could be inconvenient for some users.



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With a great design, a compact finish, and a lightweight material, this DuroMax generator is a popular pick for many campers - and it is easy to see why.

This is one of the best options on our list for portability thanks to a combination of durability and a small, lightweight frame that is deceptively easy to transport - if you are camping, or planning to move your generator from place to place, this is the ideal option for your needs.

In addition to great, portable operation, this is a generator that also contains all of the features and extras that help to make life that a little bit easier.

A push-button start means that you have fast, easy access to power, while the option to set up a parallel connection means that you can increase your power if the demands of the appliance require it, without the need to invest in another generator.

It is easy to switch from gas to propane thanks to a clear fuel selection dial, and you can enjoy a total of 19.1 hours of run time on propane when running at half load - more than enough to meet your needs.

This is a really quiet propane generator. The average noise generated is around 61 dBA - low enough to ensure that you are not causing a nuisance for your neighbors.


  • Built-in idle control mechanism automatically lowers engine RPM when there is no load - this is great for saving you fuel.

  • Low oil shut-off sensor - shuts down your engine when oil levels are low, helping to protect the engine.

  • Add more power thanks to a parallel port


  • Gasoline fuel tank can only hold 1.2 gallons of fuel

  • No electric start option



A-iPower SUA12000ED 12000 Watt Portable Generator Heavy Duty Gas & Propane Powered with Electric Start for Jobsite, RV, ED, Whole House Backup Emergency


One of the most powerful generators on our list, the A-iPower offers an impressive continuous 8000 watts when running on propane alone, offering plenty of power and capability to meet your needs.

According to users, this is enough to run around five power tools, as well as all the appliances in your home, making this an ideal option for a backup generator in the event of an emergency or adverse weather.

The inclusion of a keyless, one-touch push-start operation also means that you can have access to power at the touch of a button, and you can easily switch from gas to propane and back again as and when desired.

In total, you can enjoy around 5 hours run time when operating at half load - this increased to 10 hours when powered by propane.

At 69 dBA, this is an amazing amount of power for very little sound, allowing you to use this generator for a wide range of purposes and in a variety of environments, without having to worry about disturbing your neighbors. While some generators come in slightly quieter, few offer the same power and capability as the A-iPower. 


  • Includes LCD hour meter - meaning you are always up to date on maintenance

  • Built-in low oil shut-off sensor - helps keep you safe, and preserve the life of your machine


  • Quite heavy compared to other generators



WEN 56380i Super Quiet 3800-Watt RV-Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Fuel Shut-Off and Electric Start


If you are looking for an effective, efficient generator that is also safe enough for your smaller items, then look no further than this model from WEN. It's one of the quietest portable generators on the market. It doesn't come standard with an option to run off propane but you can use a conversion kit to do that.

The unit uses “clean power” to produce reliable, clean energy containing under 1.2% harmonic distortion, allowing you to add power to smaller, sensitive appliances and appliances, including smartphones, cameras and tablets.

This is extremely convenient if you are camping or out on the road - there is no need to worry about bringing a tangle of extra chargers! The generator also has the added advantage of being easy to start thanks to the keyless function - all you have to do is press a button.

The inclusion of automatic fuel shutoff also reduces the amount of maintenance required for the unit - the generator will automatically use any refuel remaining in the carburetor before it shuts down, helping to reduce the chance of clogs and blockages.

Finally, the whisper quiet operation of the generator means that you will be a friend to your neighbors - at just 57 decibels per quarter load, there is no need to worry about causing a disturbance.


  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Designed to reduce maintenance as much as possible
  • Safe for use with smaller appliances and items
  • Keyless start


  • May require some practice to operate the keyless start



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If you are looking for the perfect quiet camping propane generator, this Firman model comes in very highly recommended. The inclusion of a muffler means that you can carry out tasks safely in the knowledge that you will not be disturbing neighbors or other campers, and that the disruption caused is kept to an absolute minimum.

A 1.8-gallon fuel tank allows you to enjoy a total of 9 hours of operation time, making this great for long trips, or ensuring that you have the power you need on the go. Appliances such as freezers, electronics, and cooking stoves can all be charged with ease, and the unit offers 3200 peak watts, as well as 2900 running watts.

The generator is a little heavy compared to other models but nonetheless comes with a U-shape handle, allowing it to be folded and stored when not in use. This also helps to make transportation a little more straightforward. 


  • Meets USDA FS certified standards - making it safe for use outdoors, and perfect for camping

  • Easy to transport and store

  • Extra quiet thanks to the inclusion of a muffler

  • An amazing 9 hours operation time


  • A little heavy compared to other generators

Quietest Propane Generator Buying Guide

Now that we have taken a look at some very quiet propane generators on the market, it is time to take a closer look at what makes these the best of the best.

There are a few elements to consider, and we will explore these below.


The power output of a particular generator will play a large role in your decision, and will likely be one of the deciding factors. In short, the power output of a generator determines just how many appliances you will be able to use.

You need to do your homework ahead of your purchase, in order to determine your power requirements - the last thing you want is to get home and discover that your generator is not powerful enough for your needs, or, worse still, to get to a campsite and find yourself without power.

Make sure you have an idea of the number of watts each of the items you wish to power require - you will find this information on the equipment itself - and then make sure that the generator you choose can handle this demand.

Every generator you look at will be sold based on power rating, and you need to focus not only on the maximum capacity but also the continuous running power. You should also check to see the power output of the device when you use propane as fuel - this can be lower than if you use gasoline or dual fuel.

Noise Level

Another obvious consideration is the noise level emitted by your generator - this is one of the most important aspects to take into account in order to ensure happy neighbors, and a calm, peaceful environment.

Even the quietest propane generator will still make some noise. Most of the options we have selected will operate at around 50 to 65 dBA, with some going below this.

It is a good idea to go as low as you can in terms of the noise generated - this will help to keep everyone happy! For a general idea of how loud your quiet generator is, here are some points of comparison:

  • A whisper is 30 dBA
  • Moderated rainfall is 50 dBA
  • Most normal conversations are 60 dBA
  • City traffic is 70 dBA
  • Hairdryers are 80 dBA
  • A jet plane taking off is 120 dBA

Another consideration is whether a muffler would be a useful addition to your equipment - this can help to reduce the noise level on some generators, though their results tend to vary.

Some models may even come with a muffler included to reduce the sound, even more, so make sure that you check these out if this is important to you.

Another option is to construct some form of DIY generator quiet box enclosure around your generator while it is in operation, though this is less practical if you need to transport your equipment from place to place.

Type of Generator

Not all generators are created equal, and the best fit for your needs will depend largely on what you are planning to use it for, and where you need it to work.

Consider whether you will be spending most of your time on a campsite, in the back of an RV, or whether this is intended as a backup generator for your home. Ultimately, your needs will determine the type of generator you opt for, so think carefully.


Portability is another very important consideration and one which is likely to play a large part in your decision.

Once again, this depends largely on your intended usage - if you need the generator to take care of you across multiple sites, such as for camping trips, or use on an RV, then portability will be a far higher priority than those who are simply seeking a backup generator for their existing home.

Even in this case, however, you will still want something that you can lift and move with relative ease.

Potential Run Time

Take a moment to check out the length of time your generator will run for - this will tell you roughly the amount of propane you will need to use and budget for.

A generator that runs more slowly will require less fuel, while those which are faster come with a downside - they need more fuel. As a general rule, most propane generators run a little more slowly, and this allows them to operate more quietly.


Ultimately, you can only spend what you can afford, and so having a clear budget in mind is very important.

While cheaper generators may seem more tempting in the short term, always consider the long-term potential - will this stand the test of time, or will you need to be investing in a new generator in just a few years?

It is a good idea to look for quality and buy the quietest propane generator you can afford, as this can save you money in the long term.

Parallel Output

Parallel output is another feature that is well worth including in your chosen selection - this allows you to connect two generators together to increase the total potential output available - ideal if you know someone with a similar generator and need to increase your capacity.

By making sure that the product you buy has this included, you are future-proofing your generator, and ensuring that it will have enough power for all your needs for many years to come.


Another feature that is all too often overlooked is ensuring that your generator is compliant with standards set out by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Make sure that the generator you purchase has a certificate of compliance from these agencies. While propane is increasingly common and popular due to its eco-friendly nature and reduced noise, this is always worth double-checking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quietest propane generator on the market?

According to our research, the quietest propane generator on the market is the Champion 3400 watt generator. This option has the added bonus of being super quiet, and also offering portability, power, and convenience, allowing it to tick every box with ease.

How loud are propane generators?

As a rule, most propane generators emit between 50 to 65dBA, and those within this range are considered quiet.

What are the benefits of propane generators?

Not only are propane-powered generators better for the planet, but they also run cleaner, are more portable, and tend to be smaller and quieter than other fuels. As a rule, propane is a more affordable fuel and comes in at around 30% to 40% cheaper than other types of fuel.

How long can a generator run on 20lb of propane?

The operating time of a generator will depend largely on the weight of the load you put on it. As a rough average, a generator will use around two to three pounds of propane per hour, offering around five hours of running time on 20 pounds of fuel. The heavier the load, the lower the operating time.