Quietest Washing Machine – Top Load, Front Load, Washer Dryer Reviews

Laundry is an everyday part of life. It has to be done. But what makes laundry a real pain is the noise we’re often subjected to from the washing machine.

Some of us may have resorted to putting our washing machines on the other end of the house, just so that we don’t have to hear it when we’re going about our day.

The truth is that you can make your life easier, by simply choosing a quiet washing machine or dryer.

We’ve reviewed 9 of the best and quietest washing machines that you can buy that will be sure to wash your troubles away. We've reviewed:

  • Quiet front loaders
  • Quiet top loaders
  • Quiet washer dryer combos
Quietest Washing Machine

Quietest Front Load Washing Machine


Electrolux EFLS627UIW 27 Inch Front Load Washer with 4.4 cu. ft. Capacity, in White

Besides being really quiet this Electrolux model will save you money. This quiet washing machine is designed with a perfect balance system. So, even when you wash big loads, your washing machine won’t be consuming as much electricity as most washing machines would. 

The Electrolux allows you to save at least 2 dollars in energy usage. While many washing machines require at least 10 dollars’ worth of electricity per year, the Electrolux will use an estimated 8 dollars.  

You don’t only save your money on electricity, but the water usage is really efficient too. 

Now that’s just one beneficial feature, but we really want to know, “How quiet is it?”.

Some washing machines noise might depend on how big the load is. But that’s not the case with the Electrolux. It’s designed with a perfect balance system allowing you to keep your loads quiet even when you do a big wash. 

This feature makes it the quietest washing machine on the market.

A feature that really stood out for us is the different washing options you can choose from as well as the effective way the dishwasher is designed to remove stains.

The washing machine allows you to choose from tailored cycles such as delicate, heavy duty whitest whites and activewear. You also get a 15-Minute Fast wash option for when you need something to be cleaned quickly.

With all the different cycle options, you get to ensure that each item of clothing you have gets washed properly and in a way that won’t damage your clothing. 

We love the method of cleaning used in this washing machine. Most washing machines are designed to mix the water and detergent after the cycle begins, but not the Electrolux.

The water and detergent are combined before the cycle begins, which maximizes the effect the detergent has on the clothes. This method is used specifically so that you can remove difficult stains from clothing, bedding, and other household items. 

When you need something from the washing machine, and you need it fast, there’s nothing worse than not being able to see inside the machine. It can take you quite a while to find just one item that you need.

The Luxury-Design lighting allows you to see more clearly inside your washing machine, saving you time and energy. This is easily one of the best quiet washing machines we've reviewed.


Equator 1.6 cu.ft. Compact Washer with Winterize in White

This front load washing machine is really quiet and really compact too. It's one of the smallest washing machines that still get the job done. It's a great washer for small apartments or even an RV. With a noise output of just 60dB it's also the quietest washing machine for its size.

We like the auto water level sensor. It weighs the load and determines exactly how much water is needed. No water wastage.

The door swings open 180 degrees so it's really easy to get your laundry in and out.

There are 12 programmable functions including soak function and self cleaning. The controls are easy to use and the LED display turns itself off after 5 minutes to save energy.

The levelling feet give you some height adjustment and if you get them nice and level your machine will run quieter too. We'd advise sticking some anti-vibration pads under them to reduce the washer noise even more.

If you're using this washer in an area that experiences cold winters then you'll love the easy Winterize feature. Super simple to use.



GE GFW850SPNRS 28' Smart Front Load Washer with 5 cu. ft. Capacity UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock SmartDispense Technology and Built-in WiFi in Royal Sapphire


This is the quietest GE washing machine.

We love that this washing machine allows you to control how much noise it makes, by providing you with 5 different speed options. 

It’s also been manufactured with Quiet Control patented technology to ensure that you have control of the vibration. This makes it one of the quietest washing machines on the market.

Using Microban antimicrobial technology, the GE washing machine delivers you appliance protection that continues to last after each load, so you’ll be getting a washing machine that’s sure to last for a long period time. 

Even though lots of washer options can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming, we like that there’s 12 washer cycles to choose from (Active Wear, Bulky/Bedding, Cold Wash, Delicates, Normal, Power Clean, Quick Wash, Rinse + Spin, Sanitize + Allergen, Self-Clean, Towels and Whites).

The more options you have, the more chance you have of successfully washing your clothes in a way that will preserve their quality.

You also have the option of a 1 step wash + dry load, but this can only be done for small amounts of washing. In total, there’s 10 washer options to choose from. 

The feature we personally loved; we think you’ll love too. The GE washing machine has been designed with an UltraFresh Vent System.

What does that mean? It’s made to prevent odors in the washing machine, ensuring that the quality of your washer is maintained.

Since your washing machine can sometimes be left with a bad smell after a load, preventing that smell will ensure that any future washes won’t be affected by the leftover smell.

Not only is this one of the quietest washing machine models but it's loaded with great features.

Quietest Top Load Washing Machines

When it comes to quiet top load washers your best bet is to go for one of the more compact models. You sacrifice the load size but you get a really quiet washer. We've settled on these quiet compact washers:


COMFEE’ 1.6 Cu.ft Portable Washing Machine, 11lbs Capacity Fully Automatic Compact Washer with Wheels, 6 Wash Programs Laundry Drain Pump, Ideal for Apartments, RV, Camping, Magnetic Gray

This is one of the more affordable quiet washing machines and it’s ideal for small spaces. It's quiet enough to be used in dorms, apartments, a washing room and can even be used in an RV camping vehicle. 

It’s 20.7inches in width, 20.3inches in depth, and 36.6inches in height, enabling it to be stored easily. 

The best part is that it’s so quiet you can barely hear it running. This is especially important if you’re living in a dorm or apartment where sounds can be easily heard. 

We love that it’s designed with a stainless-steel inner tub which is also known as the drum of a washing machine. It lasts longer and can withstand higher spin speeds.

The higher spin speeds remove more water from your clothing, so it makes laundry so much easier to dry. Having a stainless-steel inner tub prevents rusting which could stain your laundry. 

You’re able to choose from 4 different cycle options like, quick, heavy, bulky, spin only and delicate along with 3 different temperature options to suit your various washing needs. 

One particular feature we love is the child lock. The child lock option freezes all the controls, so you can be sure that your load won’t be interrupted by inquisitive little fingers.


Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine Portable Compact 1.34 Cu.ft Laundry Washer Spin with Drain Pump, 10 programs 8 Water Level Selections with LED Display 12 Lbs Capacity

The Giantex washer is one of the quietest top loader washing machines but you need to make sure it's well balanced and level.

If the laundry in the tub isn’t placed equally inside, it could cause a violent vibration, and this of course will make noise.

But the good news is that it will quieten down after it goes above a certain level of vibration. The washing machine is made with an imbalance adjustment function which will start automatically.

If you set it up properly it will run very smoothly and quietly and after many loads it retains its balance. 

With many great features, this washing machine may be just what you need. From its preset timer to its large load capacity, it works efficiently and does what it needs to do.

The honeycomb shaped inner tub allows you to wash a load of up to 9.92 lbs. We really love how you can check how much time is left for a load to finish. It saves you all those trips back and forth to the washing machine to see whether the washing is completed.

It’s a portable compact washing machine which will be a perfect fit for a small home. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it easy for you place it wherever you like. 

We love how convenient some of the washing machines features are. The see-through lid and LED lights make being able to check on your washing a really easy and simple task.

It also offers you child lock, which as we’ve mentioned before protects your load of washing from being interrupted. But if by some chance, your child manages to open the lid of the washing machine, an alarm will sound alerting you to the fact that it’s been opened. 

One last feature we’d like to mention is that you can choose how much water you want to use with each wash. This really allows you to be in control of how many resources you spend on doing your washing.


Kenmore 28' Top-Load Washer with Triple Action Impeller and 4.3 Cubic Ft. Total Capacity, White

This Kenmore top loader gets the job done, and gets it done quietly. It's a quiet top load washing machine with agitator.

What we really appreciated about the Kenmore washing machine is that its simple functions make it easy for anyone to use. This is really a case of less is more. 

Equipped with advanced cleaning techniques, the triple action impeller ensures that your clothing is continuously moving throughout the cycle.

By deep cleaning from every angle, it ensures that your laundry is cleaned thoroughly while still being a gentle wash. The StainBoost feature along with the customized clean features are meant to get rid of stains like dirt and baby food. Y

ou have the freedom to choose from a bleach and fabric softener dispenser so that you wash the way you want to without damaging the materials.

The materials it's made from seem really solid so durability should be good. The smooth finish means you really won’t have to worry about your laundry being snagged, smelling (the stainless-steel rub resists odors) or discolored.

The Kenmore provides you with the perfect temperatures to keep your whites white and your darks dark. 

The Kenmore also offers you more space to do a bigger load of washing. Besides being the quietest washing machine we love how that saves you from doing multiple loads.

Quietest Washer Dryer Combo

Top Pick

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This is one of the quietest washer dryer machines on the market. It's also super easy to install. You just need 110V power and hot and cold water. No vents.

We really like that this washer/dryer doesn’t require you to have external venting. The LG makes use of ventless condensing which is better for those who have limited space and who are looking for energy-efficient options. 

When it comes to the LG washer, the cycles are generally quiet, but the washing machine tends to vibrate on high spin if the load isn't balanced nicely. Fortunately, there is a solution. You can purchase anti-vibration pads which will make the vibration less noticeable. 

The washing machine will especially be appreciated by apartment dwellers. It doesn’t take up too much space, especially since it’s a washing machine and dryer combined. 

The NeverRust stainless-steel drum ensures both the longevity and good quality of your washer and dryer. It lets you choose from 14 different cycle programs, so you can be sure that your laundry will be cleaned in the most effective way. 

It's also great how this quiet washer dryer lets you use Alexa and Google Assistant to operate it via voice command. 


Equator All-in-One VENTED/VENTLESS Washer-Dryer 1.57cf/13lb 1200 rpm 110V Silver

We really love that the Equator has been designed to be run as quietly as 60dB. This is quiet enough to ensure that nobody will be rudely awakened during the night if you happen to put a load on at that time. 

The Super Combo option allows you to wash and dry automatically in consecutive cycles, so you can get your laundry washed and ready to go with the push of a button. 

Washing machine options can be pretty complicated sometimes. That’s why we especially like the redesigned control panel that comes with an easy-to-read color-coded LED display. You can do your washing and drying without much hassle or confusion. 

The feature that really stood out for us is the water sensors. They monitor how much water you’ll need for each wash, so you don’t end up wasting water.

Vented mode allows your laundry to be dried up to 30% faster which is super helpful for if you’re ever in a rush to get the laundry done.

The washing machine’s maximum spin speeds and dual fans are also designed to get your laundry dry more quickly. 

We don’t want to overlook the winterize feature, which is specially made for RV use. If you’re planning on winterizing your RV, using RV antifreeze will really help to keep your freshwater system from freezing. 

When you use this feature, you just need to pour in the antifreeze, select the winterize option and press start.


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The LG WM3488HW model is a successor of newer models and has a number of new and improved features.

The LoDecibel Quiet Operation and TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System guarantees you a quiet, yet efficient operation.

But, just like the LG washing machine we mentioned earlier, you may hear some vibration so be sure to get some vibration pads which will do the trick. 

You'll barely hear the LG running though as it's one of the quietest washer dryer combos on the market. 

The digital interface is easy to understand and self-explanatory, so if you don’t feel like reading the manual, it should be fine. But of course, there’s no harm in making extra sure that you know how to run your appliance. 

You’ll find that it’s relatively easy to install and can be placed in small areas like apartments. You’ll find that this washer and dryer is both high-tech and environmentally friendly. 

It includes features like, “label on”, and has smart sensors which monitor your laundry. It’s best to use high-efficiency detergents with this washer/dryer, since it works better with the washer and your laundry.

While many washer/dryers have water sensors, this LG model has what is called, “sensor dry”. It carefully monitors how much heat is needed to dry each load, which really helps you out with your electricity bill. 

It's not compact by any means so you'll get a decent load of laundry done at once. This is incredibly convenient for families and those of us that like to put on big loads. 

The child lock, SenseClean System, ventless condensing, and anti-wrinkle system allow you to wash your loads of washing in an easy, effective way, making your life easier.

Quietest Washing Machine Buying Guide

If you're looking to buy a quiet washing machine then it's good to look out for the following features.

Drain pump or gravity? 

Whether you use a drain pump or gravity waste, they both accomplish the same job – getting rid of the dirty water. 

Because a gravity waste pipe is lower than the lowest part of the machine, it allows you to save money on a drain pump. But you will have to release the water manually. 

A drain pump is used to pump the dirty water up to the pipe which in turn enters into and out of the drain. This is done automatically and needs to be used for most under counter washing machines. 

So, at the end of the day, there isn’t much a difference between the two, it’s just that one requires more effort on your part and the other is more of a cost-saving. 

Front load vs Top Load Washing Machine

Whether you decide on a front load or top load washer is entirely up to you, but you may want to think about a few things before you do.

For most users, a top-load washer is easier to load washing into, but difficult to take washing out for those who are considered short. Front-load washers are easier to access for those who are limited by movement or bound to a wheelchair. 

When it comes to appearance, top-load washers look sleeker and more stylish. On the other hand, front-load washers can be somewhat distracting since you can see the clothing spinning inside the washing machine more easily. 

Top-load washers allow you more space for bigger loads, whereas your loads will be more limited with a front-load washer. 

You may want to call someone in to fix your front-load washer, since it’s not that easy to access all the parts of the washing machine. You can more easily access the parts of a top-load washer making it easier to fix it yourself. 

When we take a look at the differences between top-load and front-load washers, we see that a top-load washer has more advantages over a front-load washer, but this really doesn’t affect either washing machines performance. So it’s really your personal preference and circumstances that will determine which kind of washing machine you buy.

FAQ's - Why is my washer so noisy?

There are various reasons for why your washer is making a noise. Whatever the reason is, you don’t want to ignore it. 

If your washer tends to make a loud noise while it’s spinning, that probably means that a part is worn out or it’s come loose. It could also be that the drum bearings are worn.

This will especially be the case if your washer makes a rumbling sound. You can check if this is the issue yourself by opening the door of your washer and spinning the drum by hand.

But the best way to check if this is the problem is to take off the drive belt and spin the drum by hand. If you can identify that this is the issue, I wouldn’t suggest trying to fix it yourself. It’s a big job an requires special extraction tools, so call someone in instead. 

The most common reasons for noise in washing machines is that the motor coupling is worn out. The motor coupling is what connects the motor to the transmission. 

A less serious reason for washer sounds is caused by overloading the machine with laundry. Too much laundry in the washer can cause serious vibrations, but if you’re quick to remove some of the laundry you shouldn’t have any problems. 

It could be that uneven feet are what’s causing your washer to make noise. 

If you're aiming to make your kitchen area as quiet as possible then your washer is probably the best place to start if you don't have the machine in a laundry. You could also check out our guides to the quietest range hoods and quietest blenders. Those are the other noise culprits in the kitchen

How to make a washing machine quiet 

Don’t give up on your washing machine, even if it’s making a racket. There are some things you can do to successfully limit the noise coming from your washing machine. 

  1. Adjust the feet of your washer.

If you can see that your washer/dryer is uneven, adjust the feet, ensuring that it’s level with the floor. 

  1. Buy anti-vibration pads.

Like we mentioned earlier on in the article, anti-vibration pads will help to stop the vibration your washer makes. 

  1. Check your pockets. 

Sometimes we leave things in our pockets, like coins, or other plastic or metal objects. You don’t want those clanking around in your washing machine. 

  1. Keep your loads balanced. 

Unbalanced loads cause vibrations. 

  1. Clean out the filter in the front of your washing machine. 

Some loose items get caught in the filter and this can affect the noise levels of your washing machine. Simply remove the filter. But make sure to place something under the filter that can capture any loose water. 

If you keep your washer in a separate laundry room you could soundproof the room or even just hang a soundproof curtain across the opening to the laundry if there's no door to the space.

So, we’ve reviewed 9 of the best and quietest washing machines on the market. Each of the washing machines had their own advantages and it’s really your choice as to which one you think will work best for you. 

We have to understand that some washing machines will make a little bit of noise. Certain washers will make vibrations, but there are steps you can take to quieten the sounds. For the most part, these quiet washers will do their job without making unwanted noise.