Best Acoustical Sealant – [2023 Reviews]

Do you find it annoying when there is a small gap in your house where noise can get through? This can make it really strenuous to soundproof your house, allowing noises to travel into different rooms or even to leave your house. This frustrating noise can be referred to as flanking noise. 

If you are suffering from this problem, you may want to invest in acoustical sealant. It is simple to use and can be bought at affordable prices. Simply apply a formula to the gaps in the surface and wait until it dries. The main purpose of this product is to seal any gaps where sound can pass through. In some cases, it can also keep in the heat and keep out dust. 

To make your life easier, we have created a list of the top five best acoustical sealants on the market.

Best Acoustical Sealant



Tremco 116 Vulkem Polyurethane High-Performance Sealant, White (Case of 30)


The first product on this list is the Tremco sealant. This package is made up of 30 sealants. This will be ideal if you need a large number of acoustic sealants, such as for a large workplace setting. Among the many beneficial features of this product include its paintability and versatility. 


  • 30 sealants - you get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to this item. This pack holds a whopping 30 sealants. 
  • Paintable - once this product has been applied and cured, it can be painted over. As a result, you do not have to be concerned about it standing out. It may take some time for your sealant to completely cure, namely between 48 and 72 hours. 
  • Horizontal or vertical - this amazing item can be used on both vertical and horizontal joints. 
  • Versatile - you can use this sealant to fill gaps in a variety of surfaces and situations, including concrete, windows, door perimeters, and masonry settings. This makes it a flexible item that can be used throughout a building.  


  • Expensive - because of the large number of items included, this set is quite expensive. As a result, it should be reserved for customers who are willing to spend a little extra money. 
  • The large quantity may be unnecessary for some - the fact that this package offers such a large number of sealants will be appealing for some customers. Others, however, will be deterred by it. If you are only looking for a small quantity of sealant, this might not be the product for you.



Auralex Acoustics STOPGAP Acoustical Sealent - Water-based Sealant for Sound Transmission Reduction ( Packaging may vary )


This sealant is another great soundproofing option if you are aiming to fill up any unwanted gaps. This water-based sealant will diminish noise transmission. This item has several valuable features, including the fact that it becomes white when cured and its high level of flame retardancy. 


  • Can be used on a range of surfaces - Auralex sealant can be used on floors, walls, and ceilings. 
  • No run-off - when using this product, you do not have to worry about it running off. It will only be end up covering the areas where you apply it. 
  • Flame-retardant - if you use this acoustic sealant you don't have to worry about it being a fire hazard. In fact, it will resist fire. Auralex’s sealant meets ASTM C-834 standards when it comes to flame retardancy. 
  • Dries white - when it dries, this sealant will become white. This makes it much easier to paint over. It makes it easier to match it to the color of your floor or wall too.


  • Requires a bigger-sized caulking gun - because it comes in a large tube that weighs 29oz, this acoustic sealant will need to be applied with a caulking gun that is larger than the standard size. Though these can be obtained from hardware stores or online, this may be considered an additional cost or hassle for some. 



Trademark Soundproofing TMS Acoustical Caulk - 6 (28oz) Tubes


Next, this sealant from TMS is latex-based. Latex-based products are more versatile than other sealants and are known for being quite straightforward to apply.

In terms of this acoustic sealant, it can be used on multiple different surfaces. Its other key features include its strength and its value for money. 


  • Adheres to a range of surfaces - this flexible item can be used on a number of different materials, such as wood, plaster, and drywall. 

  • Not just sound protection - this acoustical sealant will not just seal in any noise, but also air, dust, and smoke. Because of this, you can keep these annoying elements out of your home. This makes it more multipurpose than a lot of the other sealants on the market. 

  • Permanent bond - if you are aiming for a long-lasting bond, this sealant will be right up your alley. You do not have to worry about this sealant wearing away quickly. 

  • 6-in-1 - this pack contains 6 different tubes of sealant. This is an excellent deal that will save you money. In addition, you will no longer have to worry about running out of acoustical sealant. These 6 packs should keep you going for a long time. 


  • Not heat-rated - though this sealant is non-flammable, it is not advised that you use it around hot areas. This will include pipes. The reason for this is that the product has not been heat-rated. 



Green Glue Company RGG400200 Noiseproofing Sealant, red


When it comes to the best acoustic sealant, Green Glue is one of the leading brands. The reason for the brand’s prominence in the industry is that it offers a high-quality product.

This quality can be observed in this item, which will significantly reduce noise levels. Aside from this, it is easy to install. Moreover, unlike other sealants, it does not have an unpleasant smell.

If you've already got the quietest pool pump but want the pump enclosure to be even quieter then this acoustic sealant will do really well.


  • 100x reduction - after using this, you will notice a considerable reduction in noise transmission. In fact, it can reduce this by up to 100 times. If you are lucky, it might even be able to reduce transmission by even more than this impressive figure. 
  • Low odor - do you want to use a sealant that lets an unpleasant smell into your house? Most people will reply with a resounding “no”. If this is the case, this low odor sealant will be great for you. It is designed to produce as little smell as possible. 
  • Easy to remove - during the application process, this sealant is easy to remove if you make any errors. While wet, it can simply be removed by using soapy water. 
  • Low in VOCs - volatile organic compounds are chemicals that are found in lots of products that you use to maintain the home. Thankfully, this product is low in these chemicals.


  • Can take a while to dry - like most sealants, this Green Glue product can take a while to fully dry. In truth, it can take at least 48 hours. While this is superior to some products, it is still a long time to wait. This will mean that it is not suitable for those looking to seal gaps immediately. 



Liquid Nails Acoustical Sound Sealant (AS825), 28 oz


Last but not least, this Liquid Nails sealant will prove to be an exceptional solution for noise reduction. Liquid Nails is likely a name you will recognize if you work in this industry.

This sealant manages a difficult balancing act between being durable and flexible. Aside from that, it is also a very safe product to use, being non-flammable. 

If you're using a quiet inline fan and want to make your ducting even quieter then this would work well.


  • Non-flammable - thoroughly tested, this sealant is non-flammable. This means that you do not have to worry about it catching fire.
  • Flexible - though it is a strong sealant, it remains flexible. 
  • Multi-surface - this sealant can be used on most construction surfaces. This makes it a useful product for builders or those in a similar industry to utilize. 
  • Light-colored - when it completely dries, this sealant will become a white or light grey color. This makes it super easy to paint over and color match.


  • Not as thick as other brands - some customers have observed that the formula of this brand is not as thick as other sealants. This may be a disadvantage for some users.

Best Acoustical Sealant Buying Guide

After familiarizing yourself with this in-depth list of the best acoustical sealants available, you will be in a much better position to start buying a product.

Not only will this list have given you recommendations for excellent products, but it will also have identified features to look out for. 

Though you may be aware of these factors from reading the list above, it is worth underlining them. Please read through these elements before you start shopping. 


The price of an acoustical sealant will vary considerably. This price will be based on numerous factors, including the brand and quantity of a product.

Before investing in a sealant, you should consider how much you are willing to spend. Setting yourself a price limit will stop you from overspending. 


A lot of sealants are sold in multi-packs. This will mean that you get a lot of products in one package. This will affect how much of a bargain an item is. Though the price may seem high, you will likely get a lot of sealant for that price. 

Of course, if you are looking for a sealant to merely be used around your house or to soundproof a door, you will likely not require a huge quantity.

However, if you are looking for sealant for a business, you may want to consider buying a pack with a large number of cans. 

These are likely to be more value for money per can than just simply purchasing one can at a time. 


Most people will not be satisfied with a sealant creating a noticeable mark in their painted walls, floors, or ceilings. Consequently, they will want to paint it over.

While the color of a sealant will not be important when you are applying it, the color it becomes when it has dried will be of importance. 

The reason for this is that some colors will be harder to paint over than others. Acoustic sealants that cure or set in light colors, such as white, will be ideal. Meanwhile, darker sealants will be less versatile when it comes to painting options.


Different types of sealants will be suited for different surfaces. This means that not every sealant will work on all surfaces.

Consequently, it is recommended that you research whether a product can be used on a surface. So if you wanted to use it on your DIY generator quiet box or if you're using it to soundproof a birdcage you'd need to make sure that the sealant adheres to wood.

Products that are more flexible will be advised if there are a number of areas that you wish to apply sealant. Also, if you're using it to make a garage door quieter then consider using a waterproof acoustic sealant.

Drying time 

In general, sealant takes a long time to fully dry. Most will take over 48 hours, though this time will vary between brands. As a result, it is not the quickest-acting product out there. If you are in urgent need of soundproofing, it is worth bearing this in mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Effective Are Acoustic Sealants?

Sealant is very useful for soundproofing a room. It will be successful at blocking out noises and can even have other functions, such as keeping in heat or blocking out dust.

Of course, the efficiency of a sealant will depend on the brand. The above products have all been recommended because of their effectiveness. 

Can You Apply Plaster Over Acoustic Sealant?

Yes, you can paint or plaster over an acoustic sealant once it has entirely dried. It is worth mentioning that though this will be the case for most sealants, it is not the case for every brand.

Therefore, it is worth consulting a product’s packaging to see whether this is the case. However, for the most part, it should be fine to apply plaster over an acoustical sealant. This works well if you want to soundproof an existing wall without removing the drywall first.

Where Should You Apply A Sealant?

If you are using acoustic sealant on drywall, you should apply it to the areas where it will touch the ceiling and floor. This is where gaps are likely to occur. This will be the optimal way of soundproofing your house. You could also look for noise leak areas if you're trying to soundproof a window to block outside traffic noise.

Even the best acoustical sealant isn't going to be a miracle cure for blocking unwanted noises. It is a great tool to use as part of your overall soundproofing strategy though.