Best Soundproof Curtains – Instantly Make Your Room Quieter

A bad night’s sleep is more than just a restless night. It can be a long day, a non-stop headache, and a source of anxiety. As more and more cities become busy for 24 hours, more and more of us are learning just how difficult it is to fall asleep when traffic won’t stop.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go to bed knowing you can block all that off? Knowing when your head hits the pillow the only thing bothering you will be pleasant dreams. Soundproof curtains could be the answer.

What are soundproof curtains?

Soundproof curtains are curtains that use weight and thickness to block out noise from the outside. 

Soundproof is perhaps a bit of a misnomer. It’s better to think of the curtains as sound deadening or noise reducing. To completely soundproof a room would require more than just curtains.

Even the soundproof rooms of recording studios are rooms within rooms, so if you want to achieve total silence then be prepared to get building.

That’s not to say that sound deadening isn’t a useful feature. By deadening the sound you can at least reduce it to the point where it becomes less of an irritant.

Actually removing sound altogether is a difficult task, and one that’s beyond an average curtain. For total sound removal a curtain would need to be several inches thick, which would be tough to maneuver, heavy to install, and not very attractive.

Think of the sound that can travel through even the walls of our house - no curtain can match that. We're really just trying to reduce the sound by absorbing it, or dampening it.

Still, the soundproofing provided by a curtain is ideal for people living in busy areas. Soundproof curtains cut down the level of outside street noise that makes it through the windows and into the room.

If you have shift work, live near a road, or have small children, soundproof curtains can be a lifesaver.

The Best Soundproof Curtains

The curtains chosen below are the best we’ve found for reducing noise levels. There is one small thing to note, however: we don’t know your rooms.

Although the market is growing, soundproof curtains come in a limited range of colors and styles. Part of that is necessity - not every fabric is good for soundproofing - and part of it is just that the market isn’t there yet.

While there are many options available, remember our reviews can’t take into account what the curtain will look like in your home.


NICETOWN 100% Blackout Curtain Set, Thermal Insulated & Energy Efficiency Window Draperies for Guest Room, Full Shading Panels for Shift Worker and Light Sleepers, Hunter Green, 52W x 84L, 2 PCs

If you’ve been holding yourself back from buying soundproof curtains because you don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t work then have a look at NICETOWN.

NICETOWN is the big name in soundproof curtains. The range they have is practically overwhelming.

These elegant 2-panel curtains are attractive and easy-to-install and yes, they block out sound. And light.

And they keep your room warm on cold days and cool on hot days. Made from polyester, they come in 17 different colors and 13 different measurements.

The noise cancellation is what it’s all about. The attractive drape of the design belies the heaviness of the fabric used.

Closed across the window, they cut down noise levels much more effectively than the standard curtain. The blackout lining not only prevents light from getting in, it also traps the sound with its layers, so you can sleep on undisturbed.

The only downside, while they are machine washable, it’s recommended you do it by hand. Difficult, with such a heavy curtain.


  • Noise reduction - Two times better sound absorption than the average curtain.
  • Blackout - The sewn in black liner creates a completely dark environment.
  • Thermal - To keep cold days warm, and hot days cool.
  • Color and size - Multiple color options, and size options.


  • Recommended hand wash - These heavy curtains are best washed by hand, which can take some time.


NICETOWN Gray Blackout Curtains for Bedroom 84 inches Long - Thermal Curtains & Drapes Grommet Noise Reducing Room Darkening Solid Window Panels for Living Room (2 Panels, W52 x L84, Grey)

Yes, NICETOWN again. They really are top of the market, and especially for the range they offer.

If you’ve been wanting soundproof curtains, but you don’t think they’ll match your high standard of decorating then look no further. These NICETOWN drapes come in 21 different colors, and they aren’t just shades of gray either.

Based on the availability, you’d be forgiven for assuming people only wanted to buy soundproof curtains for office spaces. That’s not true at all. It’s just that the color range hasn’t caught up with the consumer.

The 21 shades of these NICETOWN curtains means you won’t have to compromise your style for functionality. There are light pinks for little girls, sunny yellows for nurseries, even rich red’s for opulent bedrooms.

It’s not all about color - there’s also size. They come as long as 120”, and as wide as 66” (per curtain.) Noise spill will be at a minimum with these, as you can choose a size to fit your room.

What about the soundproofing? These curtains match up with the rest of the NICETOWN range in quality. The triple layer fabric is heavy to block both sound and light.  


  • Noise reduction - The triple layered fabric effectively reduces sound.
  • Blackout - 90% blackout (less for lighter fabrics)
  • Thermal - To keep cold days warm, and hot days cool.
  • Machine washable - Easy to clean
  • Color range - Something for every home with a wide color range.


  • Light Colors block less - While the range is expansive, the light colors aren’t as good at blocking light as the darker options.


H.VERSAILTEX Linen Blackout Curtains 84 Inches Long for Bedroom/Living Room Thermal Insulated Grommet Curtain Drapes Primitive Textured Linen Burlap Effect Window Draperies 2 Panels - Aegean Blue

The unique weave of these H. Versailtex 2-panel curtains is what sets them apart. The linen finish is classic, making your soundproof curtain look like a design choice rather than a necessity. 

The fabric is more than just attractive, however. The woven construction contributes to the natural blackout effect, and the soft finish absorbs noise. With these curtains your privacy will immediately increase, while any disturbing noises decrease.

There are a few issues, however, with the linen finish. Namely, the lack of colors and the lack of sizing options.

The colors available are classy, and would adapt easily to a living space, a home office, or a bedroom.

However, the sizing brings up some problems. With only 4 options available, they won’t work for every window. Especially for windows with a greater width, as only 52” options are available.


  • Blackout - Blocks at least 85% of light
  • Linen finish - An unusual and classy design.
  • Thermal - To keep cold days warm, and hot days cool.


  • Noise reduction - These are primarily blackout curtains, so the soundproofing is a benefit rather than the focus.
  • Color range - A few different options, but all in muted shades.


H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio Curtains 100 x 108 Inches for Sliding Door Extral Wide Blackout Curtain Panels Thermal Insulated Room Divider - Grommet Top, 9' Tall by 8.5' Wide - Navy Blue

Another repeated brand, but it’s for a good reason. While lacking the linen finish or the aforementioned H. Versailtex, this single panel drape is versatile for your privacy.

The benefit of a single panel is that it can be used on a window that won’t be covered with a traditional curtain. Think large patio type doors. It can also be adapted as a room divider.

Hang the elegant single panel partway down the room to create privacy. Especially useful for small apartments and dorm rooms (two places that are often noisy well into the night).

Like NICETOWN, H. Versailtex is another brand that can be relied on for quality and choice. The fabric is triple woven to create a thick, durable textile. Reducing heat and sound, it also insulates.

For a comfortable nights (or days) sleep, then H. Versailtex is an affordable and adaptable option.


  • Single panel - For long glass doors, and room divisions. The single panel can be hung easily wherever it needs to be.
  • Thermal - To keep cold days warm, and hot days cool.
  • Noise reduction - The noise reduction level is among the best.
  • Blackout - Blocks up to 99% of light.
  • Machine washable - Very useful for such a large and heavy curtain.


  • Limited sizing - Because they are only one panel, these H. Versailtex curtains come in only 3 different sizes.


Deconovo Back Tab Blackout Curtains, Rod Pocket Room Darkening Shades - Thermal Insulated Window Drapes for Sliding Door, 52x95 Inch, Turquoise, Set of 2

These everyday curtains from Deconovo are stylish and silky. With noise reduction, blackout, and thermal, they keep the outside on the outside. All while looking good.

Unlike other soundproof curtains, Deconovo uses a silky finish for an elegant look. However, this does make them limited in use. Not every home will suit a silk curtain, so it’s a matter of choice.

However, if you do like the finish, then the color and size range is fantastic. Deconovo doesn’t shy away from rich colors, nor does it avoid the bold.

The pinks, blues, and yellows are ideal for a family home. And the fabric won’t attract mites or dust, so they go great in a nursery.

The fabric itself is triple weave, with the high density black yarn hidden inside. Triple weave aids sound absorption, and the density stops excess noise spill.


  • Noise reduction - Triple weave fabric offers effective soundproofing.
  • Blackout - Up to 98% blackout (less on the lighter colors).
  • Thermal - To keep cold days warm, and hot days cool.
  • Machine washable - Perfect for a family home, although check the care instructions.
  • Colors and finish - Fantastic range of colors, and an unusual finish.


  • Finish - Like I said, it’s a personal choice. The silky finish won’t work for every room.
  • Installation - These are rod pocket curtains, which are harder to install than those with grommets. Especially tricky if you're a novice.


100% Blackout Curtains for Bedroom 84 Inches Long Thermal Insulated Lined Curtains for Living Room Double Layer Full Light Blocking Energy Saving Grommet Drapes Draperies, 2 Panels, Brown

Even the pure white of the Flamingo P range is able to block out 80% of sunlight, so that should show you just how impressive these curtains are at keeping the room dark and quiet.

The Flamingo P curtains have an attractive finish and drape. The muted tones are subtle, and ideal for an elegant home that needs an extra layer of privacy. The silk soft finish allows the curtains to hang unobtrusively, or become the focus of a well-designed room.

The fabric itself is double layered, and eco-friendly. They feel high quality without needing a giant price tag.

The downside - all this elegance is front facing only. From the back, they’re black.


  • Blackout - Even the white is 80% effective, and the darker colors are 100%
  • Noise reduction - The double weave fabric is thick, and the texture absorbs noise.
  • Thermal - To keep cold days warm, and hot days cool.
  • Machine washable - Easy to care for, both wash and tumble dry safe.


  • Limited color range - The Flamingo P. curtains are elegant and muted. Only elegant and muted. If you take pride in your innovative style, the gray range of Flamingo P. is limiting.
  • Exposed black lining - From one side the curtains are completely black.


RYB HOME Soundproof Curtains 84 inches - 3 Layers Blackout Curtains Noise Cancelling Thermal Insulted Drapes for Door Window Living Room Room Divider Curtains, W 52 x L 84 inch, Gray, 1 Pair

With a limited color range and limited sizing options, these might not seem like the obvious choice. Especially as they’re a little on the pricey side.

However, it’s all about the soundproofing. These curtains come with a detachable middle liner, which blocks background sound effectively, but can also be removed should you wish to change to a lighter feel.

The fabric of these curtains is triple weave, so it’s effective at completely blocking out natural sounds of the outdoors such as birdsong and leaves. The high-density fabric can effectively lessen the impact of traffic noises.

If you need to sleep during the day, and you want a stylish option for your home, then these curtains are finished to perfection.


  • Noise reduction - The detachable middle layer is great for noise reduction.
  • Blackout - 100% blackout.
  • Thermal - To keep cold days warm, and hot days cool.
  • Machine washable - Can be machine washed, and suitable for a tumble drier.


  • Price - More expensive than some other ranges available.
  • Color and sizing - There are only 5 colors and 4 sizes available.

Best Soundproof Curtains Buying Guide

Before buying your soundproof curtains there are a few things you need to consider: where are they going, what sounds will they be blocking out, and the effectiveness of different features. Do soundproof curtains work?

How do soundproof curtains work?

Soundproof curtains absorb sound. Each layer of the soft fabric is porous, trapping the energy of the soundwave within it’s fabric before it can reach your ear. 


A soundproof curtain is heavier than a regular curtain. This is due to the layering, and the weight of the fabric. Care must be taken when installing a soundproof curtain due to its heavy weight.

The weight is important to ensure the curtain is absorbing sound to the best of its ability. It’s all about the sound absorption.


When purchasing a soundproof curtain, think big. The curtain should amply cover the width and length of the window. For optimum soundproofing, look for floor length curtains. This reduces the amount of noise that’s able to spill out the sides.

Take care when measuring the size of the window. If the curtain is even slightly too short, it will greatly decrease it’s soundproofing capabilities.

Take into account the thick fabric of the curtain, as it often means they have less stretch. The drape of the curtain will generally be tighter as well.

Make sure to measure from the top of the curtain pole to past the base of the sill. To measure width, measure from one end of the curtain rod to the other.


The most common fabric of a soundproof curtain is polyester. Versatile, long-lasting, and easy to wash, polyester is ideal. Other heavy fabrics such as velvet, or tightly woven fabrics such as satin, are also popular.

There are limited fabric choices for soundproof curtains. Not all fabrics are suited for this use. 


The thickness of the curtain is a very important factor for determining just how good at soundproofing they are. A good soundproofing curtain may be three layers thick.

The layers are also used for insulation and blackout purposes. As the fabric absorbs sound, it also works to absorb light and air. The light gets trapped, and can’t intrude on your peaceful afternoon nap.


Soundproof curtains are also great for privacy. Reducing sound getting in also reduces sound getting out. The thick fabrics reduce the amount of light visible as well, so even the nosiest of neighbors will struggle to tell if you’re home.

The privacy bonus is great for families with young children or those working from home. 


Soundproof curtains make good insulators. The tight weave and layers of fabric trap the air inside them.

On a cold day, the heat is trapped in the room by the curtain fabric. On a warm day, the curtains effectively block the sun.

This means you don’t have to waste money on expensive heating or air conditioning - the curtains do it for you.

Pros and Cons

The biggest con of a soundproof curtain is that they generally come in a smaller range. Even those with the biggest color variations, such as the NICETOWN range, are still limited.

Patterns are even harder to find. While the ranges are ever expanding as the demand grows, there are still some fabrics ill-suited to soundproofing.

By definition a soundproof curtain needs to be heavy, so if you wish to create a light and airy look then you’ll struggle to find a curtain to match. Or at least, one that’s also soundproof.

The final con is also a pro - light blocking. As soundproof curtains need to be heavy, they often double as blackout curtains.

This is great if you want to sleep well, as excess light disrupts sleep patterns. But if you want to create a home office or a child's playroom, soundproof curtains will reduce the amount of light getting in.

The cons of a soundproof curtain are nothing compared to the pros, however. With the reduced sound, reduced light, and thermal properties, a soundproof curtain can vastly improve your quality of sleep. Especially for shift workers and night workers.

Once hung, a soundproof curtain is an easy way to rapidly create a better environment for sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do soundproof curtains work?

Yes, but they won’t remove the sound completely. Even a regular curtain works somewhat at reducing sound, as the fabric absorbs the noise and deadens it. A soundproof curtain is thicker and heavier, allowing more sound energy to become absorbed so less reaches your ear.

How do you hang a soundproof curtain?

A soundproof curtain is hung in the same way as a regular curtain. However, as they are heavier and often large, it’s advisable to ask for help. Also, before hanging check the strength of the curtain rod. 

What does sound deadening mean versus soundproofing?

Soundproofing is the total removal of sound, where sound deadening softens and reduces the amount of noise heard. Total soundproofing is much harder to achieve than sound deadening. To actually soundproof a curtain it would need to be made of several inches of fabric - far too heavy to be suitable for use in the average home. This is why soundproof curtains are more accurately known as sound deadening. A sound deadening curtain will still reduce the amount of noise that comes into the room, while still working as a household object.

How do I soundproof a room?

Adding soundproof curtains is the quickest way to reduce the noise level of a room. Upholstering in thick fabrics, such as polyester, satin, and velvet, also helps. Adding rugs to bare floors reduces how far sound can travel. Block out gaps between windows and doors. 

Adding a white noise machine, or a fan, is another way to soundproof a room. The white noise masks other, more intrusive noises, such as busy roads and neighbors. 

What materials can be used to block sound?

A mass loaded vinyl sound barrier is the best way to block sound, however, it is expensive.

For cheaper options, foam and heavy blankets are both sound blocking. Thick materials such as velvet, polyester, and satin are good at blocking sounds. As are thickly woven fabrics. Layering the fabrics also contributes toward soundproofing.

Can I create my own soundproof curtains?

Yes, but the heavy fabrics needed are difficult to sew. To create your own soundproof curtains it’s recommended to have at least 2 and optimally 3 layers of fabric, and each layer to be a heavy fabric.

The curtains should be longer and wider than your window, as the more area covered the better the soundproofing. A tight gather is also best, as the waves act as another sound deadening layer.

Do blackout curtains block outside noise?

Blackout curtains and soundproof curtains are very similar, and have similar properties. A blackout curtain will block out noise better than a standard curtain, but not as good as a soundproof curtain. However, many soundproof curtains are blackout as well.

Can I add soundproofing to a ready-made curtain?

If you have a set of curtains you like, you can improve the soundproofing quality by adding another layer of material. However, this will change the weight of the curtains, which will affect the hang. For particularly light fabrics, adding any extra layers can ruin the effect of the curtain. It’s more effective to buy a soundproof curtain over trying to adapt one. A pre-made soundproof curtain will have bonded the fabrics in a way to greater reduce the amount of noise spill.

How do I soundproof a window?

The gaps around the edges of the windows need to be covered with an insulating tape. When all the gaps are sealed, it will reduce the amount of noise getting in.

Other than tape, soundproof foam is also available. Or you can make a window plug, using lengths of drywall stuck together with insulating glue. 

Next, purchase soundproof curtains that are wider and longer than the window. The larger they are, the less sound is able to get through.

Windows should be double- or triple-glazed for optimum soundproofing.

If you're looking to make your bedroom the quietest room in the house then hanging a set of the best sound proof curtains we've reviewed above will do the job nicely. As an added bonus they'll block the light out too which will also contribute to your peace and quiet.