Quiet Exercise Bikes For Apartment Training – 6 Of The Best Reviewed

Living in an apartment can make exercise a nightmare. Not everyone wants to trek to the gym every morning but very few of us have the space to set up a home gym.

An exercise bike is a great way to get a workout. If you have ever used an exercise bike before, you may have noticed how noisy they can be. 

Poor quality exercise bikes can regularly squeak, rock from side to side, and the pedals themselves can even be noisy.

Sometimes it seems that the walls and floors in apartment buildings are made from paper, and you can hear almost everything that’s happening on the other side. 

So, to make sure that you find an exercise bike that will give you the results you want, without annoying your neighbors, we’ve put together the best quiet exercise bikes available.


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Our top pick for the best quiet exercise bike is this impressive product from LANOS. It has everything you need for a great workout, but won’t bother your roommates or neighbors. Plus, it won’t squeak and creak and knock you out of the zone.

This is another exercise bike that looks a little intense and professional, but you definitely shouldn’t be intimidated by it, even if you’re a beginner.

This is a similar bike to the JOBUR option below, but it is slightly more lightweight and less dense, and it also isn’t magnetic.

The bike is kept quiet in a slightly different way.

This is an exceptionally quiet exercise bike. This is primarily due to the 35lb flywheel at the front of the bike.

The wheel will spin quietly and efficiently which will give you an excellent workout, but the interesting feature of this wheel is the brake pad.

You might be wondering why a stationary bike requires a brake pad, but this pad is made from wool and is designed to help reduce sound. This is because it acts as a buffer within the internal mechanism. This brake pad is also a useful safety feature as it is an emergency brake.

Another quieting feature is the belt inside the bike. Rather than a chain as you would find on a standard road bike, and sometimes on exercise bikes, this bike has a smooth and flat belt.

This helps the bike to run even more smoothly, but it also helps to reduce the sound. Think of it as a conveyor belt smoothly running along, rather than a chain clumsily clanking along.

If you’re looking for a bike to practice on when the weather isn’t great, then this bike is ideal. It has a dial which allows you to change the resistance of the pedals.

This is relatively standard on most exercise bikes, but the resistance on this bike is specifically designed to mimic the conditions on a real road, so you will be able to stay on top of your conditioning, whatever the weather.

The pedals on this bike are also very similar to those on a standard road bike, but with added straps. These straps will keep your feet more secure.

As you don’t need to keep yourself balanced on an exercise bike, there is a tendency for your feet to slip off or be in a strange position or at an angle, which isn’t great if you want to practice for cycling on the road.

These straps will help to keep your feet in the correct position, which will also help to provide more support to your feet and joints.


  • Woolen Brake Pad - For emergency braking and reduces sound
  • Belt - This belt runs smoothly through the bike for efficient cycling and reduced sound.
  • Real Road Resistance - Resistance dial mimics the feel of riding on a real road.
  • Wheels - This helps for storage and is rarely seen on upright bikes.


Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike, Pulse Rate Monitoring, 300 lb Capacity, Digital Monitor and Quick Adjustable Seat | SF-RB4616S

This recumbent bike is perfect for getting an intense ab and leg workout in one, but it will provide much more support to your back and upper body, compared to an upright bike.

(Make sure to check out our Buyers’ Guide for more information on the different kinds of bikes.)

This bike is very standard, but that means all of the essential features are present. Plus, they all work to a high standard.

One of these includes the digital monitor, which allows you to keep track of the time, speed, distance, number of calories burned, and your heart rate. This is great for tracking your workout, as well as for tracking your progress.

Your heart rate will be tracked using sensors on the handles. All you need to do is place your hands over the pulse sensor, and it will tell you exactly how much of an intense workout you’re going through.

The positioning of the handles on this bike is much more comfortable than on an upright bike. This is because most upright bikes have handles over the front wheel, which requires you to lean forward while you’re cycling.

While this might be the preferred position for some people, it isn’t ideal and is difficult to maintain for long periods of time, especially when you know that you’re not actually steering anything.

Another essential and useful feature is the adjustable resistance. Just below the digital monitor is a dial. This dial allows you to choose the level of resistance on the pedals.

This can be done by easily turning the dial from 1 to 8, similar to changing the gears on a standard bike.

A super useful feature of this bike are the transportation wheels. This will make it easy to move around and store away.

This is a minor feature that isn’t available on all stationary bikes, but it will make all the difference. Especially considering how difficult it is to carry and maneuver a stationary bike.

These wheels will also keep the bike more steady. This will be useful in reducing the noise levels as it will be less likely to rock.

Another noise-reducing feature are the self-leveling wheels, which are easy to use, but also reduce any squeaking.

These pedals have an adjustable strap, so they can be used with shoes or without. The seat is also adjustable, so you can easily make this bike fit your needs perfectly.


  • Affordable - This is a very standard bike but for this price, it is very affordable
  • Digital Monitor - This monitor tracks time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse rate.
  • Wheels - For easier storage and movement.
  • Magnetic Internal Mechanism - Reduces sound.


  • Relatively complex assembly required.


Schwinn Fitness IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike

This is a relatively standard upright exercise bike, but with a few different features. The most noticeable is the flywheel. This is the large metal wheel at the front of the bike.

 This 40-pound wheel provides a smooth base for the belt to run over. This smoothness means that the internal mechanism of this bike is almost silent.

This is ideal for getting in a great smooth and steady workout, without making too much noise, so you can work out as hard as you like, without irritating your roommates or your neighbors.

This smoothness also provides a lower-impact workout. You will still be able to get your heart rate up and build muscle without causing too much strain on your joints and feet.

This is great if you find running or cycling outside causes too much of a strain on your legs.

Most exercise bikes feature digital monitors, but this bike’s LCD console is a little more impressive than most others.

It tracks time, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and RPMs, but does so on a more hi-tech screen, with much easier to use controls.

These controls are essential, but they are also pretty standard. They definitely aren’t what gives this bike its price.

This is definitely a more expensive option, but, if you really need that peace and quiet while working out, it’s a worthy investment.

Another useful feature of this bike is the media rack. This rack allows you to lay your phone or tablet in front of you.

You will still be able to see the monitor, but you will also be able to follow along with a workout video, or just distract yourself with your favorite Netflix show! (You definitely can’t do that while cycling down the street.)

This bike is especially good if you want to mimic racing bikes. This is primarily due to the positioning of the handles, as well as the style of saddle.

The handles aren’t exactly the same as racing bike handlebars, but they will allow you to lean forward and mimic the position of a racer.

They will also allow you to stand up and cycle, which will give you an even more intense workout, especially for your abdominal muscles.

The seat is specially designed to mimic that of a racer. The seat can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

This means that you can make it fit your needs perfectly, plus, it is well ventilated which will be much more comfortable.


  • Belt Over Fly Wheel - Provides a smooth ride with reduced noise.
  • Media Stand - This is a stand that will fit a phone or small tablet.
  • Water Bottle Holder - Easily accessible and positioned behind the media stand.
  • Sophisticated Digital Monitor - This LCD monitor is slightly more sophisticated than most other bikes.


  • Expensive.


EFITMENT Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike with High Weight Capacity, Easy Adjustable Seat, LCD Monitor with Pulse and Phone Holder - RB034

This bike is much more compact than most other recumbent options. This is great if you need or like the support of the seat, but don’t enjoy the feeling of almost leaning backward, which is often the case with recumbent bikes.

This bike will provide you with even more support for your back and hips, and the upright seat means you will get even more of an intense abdominal workout.

Your legs will receive slightly less of an intense workout than on a longer recumbent bike, but still slightly more than an upright bike, so it’s almost the best of both worlds.

The positioning of this seat does mean that your knees will be higher up than on a longer recruitment bike, so you can easily adjust the seat depending on your height. This won’t have an impact on the level of support provided by the seat.

As can be seen by the name, this is a magnetic recumbent bike. This refers to the internal mechanism.

This bike has a magnetic tension system which makes cycling much smoother, which in turn makes the bike much quieter. You will barely be able to hear the internal mechanism, so you can have a peaceful workout and not bother anyone else.

This bike has a digital monitor which is relatively standard, but this monitor is a little more sophisticated than most other options. It will track the time, speed, distance, number of calories, and pulse rate.

These are all present on most other exercise bikes, but this bike also has an odometer. This is a way of tracking the distance since starting off on a wheeled vehicle. This will give you a more precise understanding of the kind of workout you have done.

As well as the tracker there is a stand on the front of the bike. This can be used to rest your phone or small tablet, so you can easily rest a screen device on this to be used to watch exercise videos or just watch something to distract yourself.

Another useful feature on this bike is the set of wheels. This is a common feature on recumbent bikes, but not on other types of exercise bikes. This is super useful for storage and makes moving the bike so much easier.

But don’t worry, this won’t make the bike move around while you’re cycling. This is a feature that would be useful on other bikes, but it is pretty unique to recumbent bikes.


  • Easily Adjustable Seat - This seat is angled and can be moved backward and forward. This also makes the seat higher and lower.
  • Wheels - For easy moving and storage.
  • Bottle Holder - This is placed directly in front of the seat.
  • Sophisticated Digital Monitor


  • Media stand covers the digital tracker.


Jobur Belt Drive Cycle Bike with Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bikes-Quiet Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary with Tablet Holder&Comfortable Seat Cushion, Stationary Bikes For Home

Now, this is a pretty intense looking exercise bike. But, don’t be intimidated. This bike is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience.

The frame of this bike has been specially designed to provide you with a solid base. This makes it much easier to ride, plus it will make it quieter.

In fact, this bike has been designed to be as quiet as possible. The magnetic resistance provides a smooth ride that is as quiet as can be. You will barely be able to hear the internal mechanism of this bike.

This exercise bike is on the higher end of the price range, but it definitely isn’t as expensive as some other options out there. And for the impressive features and design it offers, the price is definitely understandable.

The most noticeable feature of this bike is the frame. The frame is very dense and appears complex, but it is still pretty standard compared to most other upright bikes. That said, the density and solidity of this bike with further help to reduce the sound.

It won’t squeak and creak nor will it cause your floorboards to creak while you’re cycling. (Which your downstairs neighbor will definitely thank you for.)

There are a lot of impressive additional features on this bike that should not be dismissed. (Which make up for the higher than average price.) One feature is the doubly adjustable saddle.

The saddle of this bike can be raised upward and moved forward and backward, so you will be able to set it to perfectly suit your cycling style, as well as your height and leg length. This isn’t available on very many bikes.

Another feature that might look small but will make a difference is the pedal. The pedals on this bike have extra straps wrapping around them. This will keep your foot even more secure. This will stop it from slipping off as can often happen on single-strap pedals, but it will also keep you in the correct position.

To ensure you get the best workout, there is a specific way to sit on a bike. These straps will also provide extra support for your knees.

This bike does have a digital monitor. It tracks the time, speed, distance, calories burned, and has an odometer. It also has a larger stand for resting a tablet, phone, or book.

This stand is adjustable and can fit screens of various sizes. Plus it has vents to stop them becoming overheated. Alongside this stand is also a water bottle holder.


  • Magnetic - This internal mechanism is specially designed to be as quiet as possible.
  • 300lb Capacity - This is a sturdy bike with a 300lb capacity. This is higher than most other bikes.
  • Wheels - Not commonly found on an upright bike. Makes storage and moving easier.
  • Belt System - This provides a smooth ride and reduces sound even further.


  • Slightly more expensive than average.


Ativafit Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical Pedal Exerciser for Home and Office Indoor Workout Poratable Mini Steppers Elliptical Training Machines for Senior Physical Therapy Equipment (Grey)

This is a very different kind of exercise bike, but it’s a great option if you struggle to find the time to work out. It’s especially great if you want something super quiet that will take up next to no space.

This exercise bike is reduced down to the very basics. It is designed to be slid under your desk. So you can easily squeeze in a workout while checking your emails.

This bike is described as an “elliptical bike”. It is almost a cross between an elliptical and a bike. The pedals are closer to those used on an elliptical, but the movement is a cross between that of an elliptical and a bike.

There are several different kinds of at-work workout equipment, but some are a little out-there. There are some pieces of equipment that are essentially desks attached to exercise bikes or treadmills.

This might sound like an interesting idea, but trying to type or draw while cycling or running full pelt is not an easy task.

As this bike is essentially just the pedals and internal mechanism, it is very quiet. This is partly because it is so light, so you won’t have to worry about the floorboards creaking. You also won’t have to worry about it getting in the way.

You can even use this as part of a normal work out as it will require a lot of balance to use it properly.

It’s probably best to start off using it sitting down, but whether standing or sitting, this device will give you the workout and toning you would expect from any standard exercise bike, if not better!


  • Under Desk - This “bike” can be slid beneath your desk for a quick workout.
  • Affordable - This might not be an entire bike, but it is still affordable.
  • Resistance Dial - Despite its stripped down style, this bike still has varied levels of resistance.
  • No Belt or Chain - This device will be almost completely silent.


  • No digital monitor to track workout.

Best Quiet Exercise Bikes For Apartment Training Buying Guide

Types of Exercise Bikes

While we might all have one image of a stationary exercise bike in mind, there are several different types available.

They are all very similar, but each will provide a slightly different workout and they will also have different noise levels. Some are definitely quieter than others. Check out our guide to the most common types of bikes below.


Upright exercise bikes are by far the most common style. They are most similar in shape to standard push-bikes, but they still require you to sit on them in a slightly different position and you of course don’t need to use your hands and arms as much.

Despite being the most common, upright bikes can also be the noisiest. If you have the budget, there are upright bikes that have been designed to be especially quiet.

These are ideal if you find the sound of stationary bikes irritating, especially if you don’t like listening to any music or podcasts while riding.

That said, these bikes are relatively expensive, especially compared to more standard stationary bikes. They will usually have more impressive features, and these will usually be very hi-tech and sophisticated.

This means that they can reach several hundreds of dollars, even close to $500. For a lot of people, this is far too expensive for a piece of exercise equipment, however, in the long run, it will still be cheaper than a regular gym membership.

Upright exercise bikes are great for working out your legs. They will tone your legs and help to build muscle.

Upright bikes can even provide a whole body workout. They won’t be as targeted or intense on your abs and legs as a recumbent exercise bike, but the workout will be spread out more across your body.

This makes it perfect for those days when you just want to work off some energy or just don’t have the time for a full workout.

Just hop on the bike for 20 minutes, and you have done a full body workout.


Recumbent exercise bikes are pretty much the best option for apartments. As you will be sitting upright in a chair, you won’t be moving as much. This reduces the tendency most people have to rock while cycling.

This means that the feet and frame of the exercise bike won’t lift off the floor. As you will be more supported, you will also be putting less weight on the pedals.

This can reduce the noise they make while you’re riding, so while they will still likely have a quiet whirring sound, they won’t be quite as noisy as an upright bike.

Recumbent bikes are also great if you want to get in a great workout but can’t sit on a standard exercise bike. Whether this is through injury, age, or you just can’t quite get the balance right, they are fantastic if your upper body requires extra support.

Just don’t think that these bikes will give you less of a workout! In fact, these bikes can be even tougher because your upper body is more rested, so you can’t use your upper body strength to push though.

Your legs will be taking much more of the strain, so this will almost be like cycling up hill constantly. (Unless you change the settings to be easier that is…)

Recumbent bikes are also great for toning your abs. Because your body will strain to remain sitting in this position while also cycling, your abdominal muscles will help your legs to push through. So, this is a great option for many different reasons.

Spin Bikes

Spinning has become very popular in recent years. It is an especially good way of getting in a full body workout, plus it burns a lot of calories.

Spin classes are usually very intense and will cause you to work out a big sweat. The classes are primarily focused on fat loss and cardio, rather than gaining muscle.

You will still become toned from spinning, but you won’t build up the same amount of muscle mass.

Spin bikes look very similar to standard exercise bikes, but there are some important differences. Spin bikes generally have lower handlebars, which cause you to learn forward more.

This can activate the abdominal muscles and can cause more of a strain on the hips, but, it will give you a very intense workout.

Spin bikes also usually have reinforced pedals. This is because a lot of people stand up during spin classes. This is to get a more intense workout and mimics the feeling of cycling uphill.

Standing up is not advised on upright bikes, unless they have been reinforced for it. Standing up on a standard exercise bike can put too much strain on the internal mechanism, and on the pedals themselves.

As they are not usually designed for this, the shape of the bike also won’t support it. Standing up to cycle on a standard exercise bike is very difficult.


You are probably familiar with folding push-bikes, but you can also buy folding exercise bikes. These are ideal for apartments as you can easily fold them up and put them away.

Aside from noise, space is one of the main problems when it comes to buying exercise equipment.

Even standard exercise bikes can get in the way. Exercise bikes are definitely the best space-saving piece of equipment, as you can get in different kinds of exercise all at once from one small device.

If you have ever tried to move an exercise bike, then you know the handles, peddles, and stand constantly get in the way.

One problem with folding exercise bikes is that they are usually flimsier than standard exercise bikes.

This doesn’t mean they are of poor quality, only that they aren’t made from a material as tough or have joints that are as tough as those on standard exercise bikes. If they did, they would be very difficult to fold away.

This means that they do have a tendency to rock, usually from side to side. This can be irritating for you as you ride and can also cause the feet to knock against the floor.

If you have a carpet, this will be less of an issue. If you have wooden or laminate flooring, your downstairs neighbor will not thank you.

On the flip side, folding bikes can sometimes be quieter when it comes to mechanics. As they are less industrial and intense as some other bikes, their internal mechanism can sometimes be quieter.

So, if you are pressed for space, then you should definitely consider a folding bike. Just make sure it is a tough one.

Additional Features

With the rise of Peloton bikes, exercise bikes with additional features have become even more popular. These can simply be a tablet stand, or they can be more sophisticated, such as tracking your heart rate.

Features such as measuring your pulse, your distance, and the number of calories you burn are nothing new. These have been features of exercise bikes for years.

But, as with any piece of equipment, the desire for them to become more hi-tech increases constantly.

So, exercise bikes are becoming even more impressive, but few have unnecessary features. The opposite is often true of some pieces of exercise equipment.

They will feature hi-tech tracking systems that appear interesting and fun, but aren’t entirely necessary. (And definitely don’t deserve the higher price tag.)

Features such as tracking your distance and the number of calories you have burned are great, as they can help you plan your workouts. If you were out cycling normally, you would plan a route and eventually return home.

Of course, this isn’t possible with a stationary bike. So, instead, you can choose to cycle for a set amount of time, number of miles, or until you have burned a certain number of calories.

Depending on the systems installed, you can even set a countdown for your workout. This is great if you struggle to motivate yourself. You can easily set a 15-minute countdown timer.

Then you will feel much more motivated by seeing this go down, rather than the miles or calories adding up. (Especially if you don’t particularly enjoy exercise and look forward to it ending.)

The tablet rest is also a fantastic feature, especially if you often get bored while working out. The best thing about exercise bikes is that you don’t always need to use your hands. So you can even hold a book while cycling, or you can use the tablet stand to rest a tablet or laptop.

There are plenty of apps available that will give you an imaginary cycling route. You can cycle around different countries and cities across the world, or you can use it to find exercise classes.

These will be available on YouTube or on apps. You can even download the Peloton app, which is a lot cheaper by itself than alongside the price of the peloton bike itself.

You can even just put on your favorite Netflix show. This will definitely make working out easier. You will become completely distracted and forget you’re even working out.

Benefits of Exercise Bikes

We have already mentioned some of the benefits of using an exercise bike above. (Especially being able to watch Netflix.) But they are excellent for many other reasons too.

One of the best reasons to invest in an exercise bike is because they are so easy. You definitely don’t need to know how to ride a bike to work out on an exercise bike.

You will be able to quickly hop on the bike when you wake up or after work and barely have to think about it. This is much better than trying to organize yourself to get to the gym or even to jog on a treadmill.

The main benefits of an exercise bike are, of course, the effects it has on your body. If you’re looking to work out in order to tone your muscles, then an exercise bike is perfect.

Exercise bikes will tone your leg muscles and, surprisingly, your abdominal muscles. Sadly, it won’t provide a full body workout. But, your arms will be free while cycling, so, if you have the energy and coordination, you can lift some weights or use resistance bands while cycling.

Cycling is also fantastic if you're looking to reduce body fat. The exact number will vary depending on your age, gender, metabolism, and other factors, but, generally, cycling for 30 minutes will burn around 300 calories.

If you’re already into working out and are looking for a way to warm up better, an exercise bike is perfect.

It will give your body a good wake up before getting into strength training, without tiring you too much like running will. This is partly because running is tougher on your body, but not in a way that will cause you to become stronger.

Running is better in terms of getting your heart rate up, but it can be tough on your feet, knees, and hips. If high impact exercises aren’t for you, then cycling is definitely a good option.

A stationary bike will give you a good workout, but it won’t cause as much strain on your body. This is essentially because running requires you to hit your feet quite hard against usually concrete ground.

This impact ripples up your leg and can cause a strain on your joints and muscles. So, if you have weak knees or hips, or just need some extra support, a stationary bike is ideal.

Exercise bikes are also great if you’re new to exercise. This is because they don’t cause as much strain, but also because they are so easy to alter.

You can adjust the timer by a little every week or so. You can also adjust the resistance of the pedals. This is a great way to build up your leg muscle, as well as increase your heart rate.

How to Soundproof An Exercise Bike

There are lots of quiet exercise bikes available, but it’s pretty difficult to find one that is completely silent.

So, if even one of these bikes is causing your roommates or neighbors to become annoyed, there are a few things you can try to make it even quieter. (These tips will also work to make a quiet treadmill even quieter. Even the quietest elliptical can also be quietened further.)

One of the easiest is to place an exercise mat beneath the bike. This will help to absorb some of the sound and vibrations, which come primarily be from the pedals and internal mechanism. The mat will also help if your exercise bike moves at all.

While they are, of course, stationary, some exercise bikes have a tendency to move. This can sometimes just be wobbling from side to side, but, if you’re really going for it during a workout, the feet can lift up.

This won’t be the case with heavier bikes that don’t have small feet, but it does happen. The feet won’t come up by very much, but it will be enough to sometimes cause the floorboards to creak or for the feet to make knocking noise. The mat will be a buffer for these noises.

If you have had your exercise bike for a while, there could be a reason behind the noise. If it is squeaking, this could be because something has come a little loose.

Before getting a new bike, make sure to double-check that everything is tight and secure. Then cycle for a little while. If the bike continues to squeak, then you might have a problem, and it’s time to consider a new bike, if it can’t be repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are exercise bikes good for apartments?

Absolutely! Especially if they are one of the super quiet products listed above. Exercise bikes are fantastic if you don’t want to annoy your neighbors or roommates.

They don’t have any additional noisy features such as weight machines do, and they don’t require you to pound your feet like a treadmill does.

Are exercise bikes noisy?

Depending on the style, they can be. Recumbent exercise bikes are best for reducing noise, but you will still be able to hear the sound of the pedals and internal mechanism. This will usually just be a whirring noise.

The noise won’t be very loud, but it can be irritating. Even the quietest exercise bikes can make some noise. This will usually just be the whirring noise.

That said, some poor quality exercise bikes can be very noisy. This means that it’s super important to check the bike beforehand. If the manufacturer advertises that it is quiet, then you know it will be good.

Even if they don’t advertise this, it might still be relatively quiet, just check out the reviews. Exercise bikes aren’t always made with quietness in mind.

This is because there are, admittedly, lots of other important factors to consider. But when the sound of the bike is loud enough for you, your neighbors or roommates to hear, then you have a problem.

Another reason that your exercise bike might be noisy is because it has been assembled incorrectly, or if something is loose. If there is a squeaking noise, make sure to check that everything is tight and secure.

Is a magnetic bike better?

Magnetic bikes are not very common, but they are fantastic for reducing noise. They also provide a much smoother ride.

The magnetic part of the bike is the resistance. The resistance is altered by magnetic weights being placed on the fly wheel. This is the wheel at the front of the bike.

Using magnets in this way reduces the contact with the wheel. This is much smoother than on most other exercise bikes. Magnetic exercise bikes can be a little pricier than most other options, but they are definitely worth it for a fantastic and peaceful workout.

Is a 30lb flywheel enough?

The fly wheel is the wheel at the front of the bike. The weight of this wheel sets the level of resistance on the pedals. When the resistance is altered, this is usually done through adding or reducing weights on the fly wheel.

Most flywheels will be between 30lb and 55lb. Even if you are a professional cyclist, this should be enough for you, but, if you have very strong leg muscles, 55lb might not be quite enough resistance for you.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t use an exercise bike. If you also regularly lift weights and strength train, then an exercise bike will mostly be used for cardio. If you will just be warming up with an exercise bike, then you don’t need anything heavier. If you do, then you will expend a lot of energy and might not be able to have as good a workout later on.

55lb is generally the heaviest kind of fly wheel, and you will be able to increase the resistance on this flywheel. 50lbs will usually be the lowest level of resistance, and this can usually be increased by 8 different levels.

So, don’t try to look for a flywheel that is as heavy as the weights you use on leg day. This will only cause additional strain on your legs, when all you need is for them to become warmed and loosened up.

Is a heavier flywheel better on an exercise bike?

This depends on the kind of exercise you want to be doing. If you’re looking to build muscle, then heavier weights will be best. If you’re looking to build muscle but remain toned, rather than become bigger, then smaller weights will be best.

Every body is different, so it’s super important to find out what works best for you. But, when it comes to strength training, fewer reps of larger weights will build bigger muscles, and more reps of smaller weights will tone.

This is generally the same with cycling, but won’t have the exact same effect as lifting weights.

So, a heavier flywheel will go some way toward building up muscle. This will need to be done in combination with strength training and other exercises.

Cycling is a great way to get in some cardio, but cardio isn’t everything. It is often touted as the best thing for losing fat, however, this isn’t necessarily the case.

When you first start working out and doing cardio, you will lose weight, but you can lose much more through strength training. It’s best to use cardio as a warm-up, or as a way to squeeze in a quick workout if you don’t have time for anything else.

That said, any kind of workout is a good workout. There isn’t a magic exercise that will help you reach your goals.

A workout that works for someone else might not work for you. The best exercise is one that will keep you fit and healthy, and that you enjoy.

Should I buy a spin bike or an exercise bike?

Spin bikes and exercise bikes might look similar, but they do have some differences. As mentioned above, spinning will give you a slightly different workout from an exercise bike.

 This is because exercise bikes are designed to mimic real road bikes, whereas spin bikes are specifically designed for getting a super intense workout.

An exercise bike will help you to lose weight, tone, and build up muscle. Spinning will also do this, but it has a greater focus on weight loss and toning.

Spinning is also very intense. As the name suggests, you are pretty much constantly cycling very quickly.

Spinning is designed to provide a similar level of cardio and intensity as sprinting, without the strain and hard impact. This is supposed to help lose weight but not become larger through building muscle.

Spinning also has communities around it, which are intended to encourage the participants. Spinning is usually done in large groups, whereas cycling alone on an exercise bike is more common.

The choice mostly depends on your exercise style. If you want to have an intense workout that you can get out of the way quickly, then a spin bike is great.

If you want to be more in control of your own pace and style, then a standard exercise bike will suit you better.

With all that said, it’s important to know that “Spin” is a trademark. So, when we talk about a “spin bike”, we are referring to the style of bike used. Rather than the specific type of bike that is used for “spin”.

Are stationary bikes worth it?

They absolutely are! Stationary bikes are fantastic for getting fit. They will help get your heart rate up and increase your lung capacity.

Depending on your fitness aims, you can also build up muscle, lose fat, and become more toned.

Stationary bikes are great if you’re not confident cycling outside, but enjoy the sensation. This is very common for people who live in busy cities.

You might like the idea of cycling, but wouldn’t feel comfortable cycling in the street.

You can also work out in private with a stationary bike. This obviously isn’t the case with a standard road bike. If you don’t like working out in front of other people, a stationary bike is perfect.

You also won’t have to worry about having all the right gear. You can just throw on shorts and a t-shirt and you also don’t have to worry about safety, so no helmet is needed.

Is Peloton worth it?

In the past year or so, Peloton has become synonymous with exercise bikes. They are a fantastic product, but they are quite a bit pricier than most other exercise bikes and they do have some additional features.

If you can’t quite afford a Peloton, there are still ways to get its benefit. One of the reasons for the price is the touchscreen that comes with a Peloton.

This is way more sophisticated than most exercise bikes. These usually feature a black and white LCD screen that can track speed, distance, pulse rate, and estimates the number of calories burned.

Peloton bikes offer a lot more. The touchscreen is for tracking workouts, as well as watching workouts specially created by Peloton. You can get the app for these workouts from the App Store and Play Store.

This means you can watch the workouts with any device while cycling on a different exercise bike. Then, if you are impressed with the workouts, you can consider investing in a Peloton bike.